Sunday, April 23, 2017


Joel Anastasi, Co-founder The Angel News Network
With St. Germain, channeled by Phillip Elton Collins


Democracies around the world are under siege and the United States, as the most powerful and influential democracy in the world today, is the prime target.

That warning comes from the ascended master, St. Germain, who is mankind’s spiritual guardian and guide for this new spiritual age which began in 2012 and who was a major influence on the Founding Fathers and documents of these United States.

Why would a representative from the divine realms such as St. Germain care or comment about what some people consider simply earthly politics?

Because, St Germain tells us, the United States--under the guidance of the ascended masters--was founded to lead humanity into a new age of oneness, a world community reflecting love, peace, equality, harmony and balance.

The United States, through the freedoms inherent in its democratic system, was created as an essential step in the uniting of humankind to recognize we are each individual expressions of the creator—therefore, we are one--in this new 2000-year age of Ascension.

The rise of authoritarianism in nations like Russia, China, Turkey, France and now in the United States threatens the mission of creating oneness by creating separation through confusion, chaos, fear, conflict and war.

The United States established a new idea on Earth that a national government should be “of the people, by the people and for the people”. It would be a “stew pot” of diversity intended to provide an environment of freedom where we would eventually work through our separation and differences to discover our oneness, reflecting our true essence as reflections of the one source (God).

That idea challenged an ancient hidden power system in which the few have controlled the many. Those “few” have been called the Illuminati or the Cabal, which many (especially the rich and powerful) discredit as conspiracy theories, etc. (Ever wonder why overwhelming wealth seems to flow to the few no matter how politics and cultures appear to evolve and change?)

St Germain says, the Illuminati is not only real, it is nearing its final days—because of the spiritual ascension of the planet and humanity in this new 2000-year age--and they are pulling out all the stops to maintain control.

They are using democracy itself, the vote, to bring authoritarian figures to power:

“Once these authoritarian individuals, who are supported by the Illuminati, come into power, then their task is to step by step take away democracy. That is what you are experiencing in the United States and other countries throughout the planet.”

The goal, ST. Germain says, is to create chaos, confusion, confrontation and divisions between religions, nations, races, classes and cultures while at the same time firing up patriotism and support with demonstrations of strength and power (air attacks, bombings) and stoking the threat of war with “enemy” countries. “All of it is a smokescreen to hide the manipulation and corruption within his (Trump’s) government.”

The United States Constitution provides a system of checks and balances to restrict potential abuse of power by any branch of government, especially the presidency.

“It is the checks and balances and the structure of democracy with the congress, the judicial system and the executive branch and the support of the constitution as the law of the land
that allows your democracy to work. When the checks and balances are not in place, what takes place is what you are experiencing now, the authoritarianism of the tyrant coming in via the democratic vote.”

St. Germain warns that Trump was elected through the “corruption of the presidential election” using Russia as a vehicle because the Illuminati knew Trump was more easily controlled than Clinton.

“The Syrian air strikes (and other demonstrations of American power) are a tyrant tactic to divert from his Russian connections and the corruption of the presidential election. His cohort Putin is pretending he is not pleased with the air strikes to appear in opposition to Trump. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are joined at the hip in a plan for world control based upon blind greed.”

This does not make for pleasant reading, I know. But on a more empowering note, St. Germain tells us this is a wake up call to protect our democracy, not only for America but for the spiritual ascension of humanity and the planet.  And it is the threat of the destruction of our democracy that is awakening people from their lethargy.

Half of the citizens of the United States don’t exercise their right and responsibility to vote, a right hundreds of thousands of other citizens died to preserve.

This equation explains our process: RESPONSIBILITY=CONSEQUENCE

The failure to take responsibility for our citizenship, St. Germain says, has created the political and governmental consequences we face now.

So what can we do now?

“More than ever before it is time for WE THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE to stand up and be counted. The true test of your democracy is at hand. This test, awakening, is needed to take place now since the majority chose not to participate in the democratic process.

“In this dark night of the soul, know it is darkest before the dawn. For there is a groundswell taking place unlike ever before in recorded history that is essential for the ascension process
and the protection of the truth and concept of democracy.”

Rise up, yes. Demonstrate, yes, says St. Germain. Let your voices be heard, yes. But also play a part in your democracy. Participate. Run for office.


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