Thursday, April 13, 2017


ACTIVATE YOUR SOUL PLAN: You Are Not Here to Destroy Nor Enslave - Final Ascension Initiation

"One of the final initiations of Ascension is to be in a room with the people you have intensively disliked and be able to see the mirror and love them." - Phillip Elton Collins


From Archangel Uriel, World Teacher & Guardian & Mother Earth, Gaia
Received by Phillip Elton Collins, Co-founder of The Angel News Network

Dear Beloved Children of Earth,

All conscious life, minerals, plants, animals and you, are made of the same sacred stuff/elements…the same atoms, electrons, etc. You are all here to evolve within your soul plans, and to support and love one another. That does not include killing one another or enslaving one another.

Each living conscious being on your planet came here from various galaxies and worlds and chose to be here to support the evolutionary process of this particular planet. The mission of this planet is to learn to love. Love is the building block of the universe, dear ones. All beings within this world have a freedom of choice and will and are not here by random accident nor by an imaginary evolutionary process.

The present relationship animals are having with one another (eating each other) reflects humanity’s corrupted relationship with self. It was not always that way and need not be in the future. When humanity returns into a higher frequency of consciousness, animals will return in behavior to reflect their divinity. At present, there are more humans enslaved, in bondage, than ever before. This continued behavior reflects your disconnection with your divinity and purpose in being here (to learn to love). How much more pain and suffering do you need to learn to free yourselves and ascend into an existence of oneness? We higher realms are giving you many teachings and tools to assist your awakening.  Once you understand the truth of how and why you world was created you will never return to your old paradigm again; you are in process dear onesThis is the way you chose to learn; accept it with compassion and forgive it and begin to make another choice, if you so choose.

Throughout your distorted relationship with self, your planet and all life upon it, humanity has created abuses that must stop in order for you to advance as a species or you will destroy yourselves (again). All of you are needed to make this unique, extraordinary experiment of diversity called planet Earth work!

Dear ones within advanced higher frequency civilizations (some inside your planet) animals, plants and minerals are not destroyed or enslaved as pets. This may be difficult for some to understand since they see themselves more advanced or better than animals, plants and minerals.  Dear humans these conscious beings have more innate abilities than you do through their direct connection to Source. They are not meant to be destroyed, enslaved by humanity. Humanity has attempted to conquer even nature and have learned this thinking does not work.  You are intended to be in divine  service to one another that does not include death or enslavement. You are all here to be in WORLD SERVICE to one another and your planet and the forces that created and maintain and sustain you. Rather basic reasons to be here of which you have long separated yourselves from and one another.

It is time to know and remember all your soul plan reasons to be here and support one another. You simply cannot survive without the complete cooperation of one another. Through your narcissism and ego mental bodies you have created much cruelty to the other life forms and selves that reflect your relationship with self.

No other life form is mean to be at the will or control of another. You are in stewardship to one another. You all have a freedom of choice and will to be here. Just because you do not know this or believe this does not mean it does not exist. You have and will continue to experience a severe consequence by not waking up to this truth.

Dear ones, you can co-exist, respecting each other’s divine soul plans, and need to interact, without killing or enslaving one another. You can enjoy the ‘fruits’ of other life forms without destroying the life form. This is how advanced civilization act. You can eat the apple without killing the tree. This new awareness will prepare you for interacting with other species from other worlds, in your near future.

 Through greed you have altered the genes of many plant and animal species attempting to control their life cycle and their ability to survive without you. Similar experiments took place on Atlantis and ended in disaster.  In effect, this is a form of self-sabotage, for when you ingest these ‘creations’ you are altering your own genes.

Advanced civilizations reflect the degree to which they honor and treat all life forms; knowing all is divine and needed. As mentioned earlier, humanity’s insanity has even included attempting to control nature itself. You have learned that does not serve you or your planet well; in fact it can mean you destruction if you continue it. There are forces beyond your wisdom that supports nature and you, dear ones. It is your destiny to again be connected to this.  Humanity is showing signs of great process in waking up but there are forces still attempting to keep you in a dense state of destruction.

Dear ones, we realize you need to eat and survive within the 3D world you choose to be in. But we caution you to examine the ways in the past and present you attempt to do this. There are planetary karmic consequences when your planet and all within and upon her body are not honored.

There is new energy technologies being revealed to you where you can create all you need without greed or threat to others, especially your home planet.  These new technologies will require a restructuring of your economic and governmental systems; creating We Consciousness, not me consciousness.

Humanity does not own the life forces of creation. It is time humanity’s ego move into service to your heart that knows this truth. Reconnecting and being in service to the forces of creation is an essential next step. This process will allow the creation of your next and final golden age..

While there appears to be a loving relationship between humans and their pets or work animals, it is a form of enslavement that reflects your ability to enslave one another through an unhealed relationship with self. No species, including yours, wishes to sacrifice their freedom of will. There are ways to support one another through a deep awareness and honoring of the other life form that reflects a healed relationship with self.

Trees and plants are here to be the planet’s lungs, supplying oxygen, and protect your planet from the weather your thoughts and emotion create. Minerals are the nervous system of the planet. Many animal species are the guardians of the planet from other star systems. Many species have left the planet due to humanity’s abuse and returned to their home galaxies; what we call extinction. Dear ones you need to understand the purpose of each of you being here and how interdependent you all are. This is going to be an essential next step in your ascension/evolutionary process.

It is time to let go of the concept that you can control nature or other life forms. You did not create them and you cannot control them.  The life forms that remain on the planet are vital to your survival whether you understand this or not. Your ignorance can be your undoing; your wisdom your pathway to eternity.  Remember you have all chosen to be here for a purpose. An important part of your journey on this planet is discovering this truth. You are all divine being created from the same elements and communities of equality, harmony and balance can reflect this truth.

If you so choose, wake up humanity and know all life is precious and sacred; it is not yours to destroy or to enslave. You have all chosen to be a part of a divine experiment called the “Lover-versity” of Earth. Once you truly learn to love self and all others, you will go forward to become the master teachers of other world, your destiny.

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