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Earth Teachings from Archangel Uriel
Adapted by Phillip Elton Collins 
Co-founder of The Angel News Network
Our sciences are finally able to begin to understand the magical energetic components of our planet. There are unseen forces that prevent our daily destruction and that also promise to become free energy sources for all, and much more…

There is an energy grid inside the core of our planet that works together with physical crystalline structures (crystals) and portals/vortices on the surface of the planet of which we humans are a part.  Humanity is in the process of transmuting from dense carbon based structure to a lighter, higher vibrational crystalline structure (our ascension process). The totality of this energy grid affects all things inside and upon the body of the planet. The energies from this grid go out from within and form an etheric grid around the entire planet, not only protecting the planet, but affecting our human emotional, mental and physical bodies, as well.Human consciousness is also rising as the planet energy increases.  So in effect., Mother Earth is birthing the new you.

As an essential aspect of our divine destiny, this grid continues to receive upgrades shifting us from one epoch to another (most recently, Piscean (masculine) to Aquarian (feminine) energies). This not so simply means that both  assertive masculine and receptive feminine energies are moving into balance. Our evolutionary path cannot go forward without this occurrence. We are currently experiencing the imbalance of these two vital energies; a lack of equality, harmony and balance.

The founders of The Angel News Network were led to the major energetic vortex/portal of Mount  Shasta to serve as proxies for humanity to assist in the advancement of energetic balances for the entire planet. This was achieved through two sacred journeys there in 2010 and 2011. From Mount Shasta (in northern Californian) all energies are initially showered onto the planet from the galactic core and the Milky Way that hit the planetary grid, the main and first entry point for the planet. From these points, the energies are distributed throughout the grid worldwide.

This energetic grid is integrated through sacred geometrics into our individuated soul plans, and then our emotional, mental and physical bodies; allowing how we feel and think to manifest a higher consciousness  to activate our purpose in being here (to learn to love).

In the beginning of New Age thinking it was believed that a global shift (ascension) would take place through a series of infusions of energy to the planet herself, and then from the planet to each person individually; sort of an automatic process. Many thought 2012 was that moment.  In reality what needs to happen is each of us, as cells of the body of the planet, must anchor and integrate these energetic frequencies individually to fully account for all the unique configurations of human consciousness (each unique soul plan).

Another way to explain this ascension process is to say our unique individual soul plan crystalline grid (the DNA matrix) will shift in a slightly different manner for each of us, since we are all unique divine expressions of God experiencing itself. In being and doing this, we shall maintain and sustain the full spectrum of vibrations needed for a true global shift. Now we can better see the interrelationship of our planet and ourselves.

As equal and balanced energies harmonize,  for larger and larger communities of individuals, (who accomplish their individual shifts), the global shift will manifest in ever increasing frequencies, creating a quantum effect. As the planet’s magnetic grids shifts, the surface crystal grids will be reborn. This process is happening now.

The next meaningful grid shift is that of human consciousness. There is much planetary and personal clearing and cleansing taking place now in terms of energies being received and consciousness rising. It is important to see communities of equality, harmony and balance being created and their intention to fully support the Earth and all within and upon her body.


The crystal grid or sometimes called the ‘crystal life stream, has basically two aspects; one is physical and the other etheric. This is the composition of most things within the universe, including you. The primary reasons for the grid are for energy amplification in the physical and storage and transfer of information in the etheric.

The grid is a direct conduit for human consciousness to access and bring joyful perception into the denser Earth frequency (3D).  It is the 3D that is being elevated/raised during what we call the ascension process (our divine destiny at this time-line now). As you might imagine, the crystal grid has always been in place within and around the planet.What we are experiencing now is an expansion of the effects of the grid in the planet and human DNA. This is a direct result of the ascension of the energies of the crystal grid into higher and purer vibrations.

What we are experiencing now as we interact with the crystal grid in the ascension process is what the planet herself chose to undergo as an essential part of her soul plan. Through this integration/interaction with the planet’s process, our physical bodies are also restructuring (moving from dense carbon to  lighter crystalline structure). Our crystalline structure is ascending through the adjustment of our DNA day by day through the energies of our heart. This happens as we increase and maintain our level of love and light quota day by day, moment by moment. This is the way we have chosen to learn. What is actually happening is that our believing mind is moving back into service to theknowing and loving heart.


Our planet goes through cosmic major cycles of 26,000 years and smaller2,000 year cycles within the 26,000.   Our Earth is now within one of the major cycles of moving into a higher level of existence, thus everything within and upon her body will also, including humanity.  Each one of us has also chosen a new life without duality and death through our soul plan’s activation.

Endeavors such as The Angel News Network and many others are connecting with the higher realm frequencies to bring their tools and teachings to assist us. The vibrational shift of the grid is taking place whether we are aware of it or not.  Each of our vibrational frequencies is also entraining itself to that of the grid. Thus, the entire planet is fully now involved in the ascension process.

As light workers and way showers, it is helpful to interact with the grid in a more conscious way in order to gain a fuller understanding of its uses. If it resonates, make a commitment within your heart space to access the grid for the good of all. During past golden ages such as Atlantis, the grid was often accessed for corrupt purposes. While the past lessons learned were essential, humankind still has a way to go.

The archangel realms of we of Uriel were instrumental in the gifting of your present cyberspace technologies in order to assist in freeing yourselves from 3D controlsMuch of the present abuse and addictive use of these technologies is similar to past advanced ages. Know that the extreme misuse/abuse or intention to harm others will not be allowed to happen again. Those who continue to attempt harm will experience a swift return of their energies inverted upon themselves and the karmic consequences of any harmful agenda.

Due to past abuses, from many epochs since the fall of both Atlantis and Lemuria, the etheric crystal grid was moved farther away from the atmosphere of the planet.  This decision was made by the Galactic Federation and Source to protect the grid from further misuse and corruption of its matrix. The planet and humanity were allowed to live without its direct influence for a very long time. And this has dumb-downed and diminished our innate spiritual abilities. We are now in the process of reclaiming our full potential…..but we have a long way to go…

With our freedom of will and choice (that no one can take away from us), we find our world poised once again at self-destruction, but not as powerful as the advanced civilizations of the past. Today the scenario resembles more of a slow and painful auto-immune disease where the organism eats away at itself, such as cancer and HIV?AIDS; two of the largest world killers.

As the mind moves back into service to the knowing heart, our hearts are reawakening. We are remembering the lessons from the disconnection from Source, and abuses of the past.  We are ready to make a new choice and create a new world of equality, harmony and balance.

We cannot create in the physical world without the physical process of crystallization.  Crystals and the process, through which a physical crystal is from, unite the higher and lower aspects of the Divine, male and female and all the elements of the Earth.

As the etheric crystal grid once again is allowed to move closer to the service of the planet, it awakens and reunites all the energies that reside in physical crystal format. Once again, the physical crystal grid of the planet is being reactivates with the will of the Divine.

The full ascension process of the Earth is taking place now through this physical grid, and will continue until the vibration of the planet reaches a dimensional shift and reunites with her Divine Soul Plan…then human consciousness will reach a new and greater level of consciousness and new existence.

Through the grid we reach into the hearts and minds of all who resonate/connect to it. We receive answers to questions asked and the healing and manifestations energies necessary for any endeavor or service we may intend. We move from me consciousness to we consciousness connected to higher realms and our soul plans.

The highest good use of the grid is mandatory. The higher realms are here to work with each of us in appropriate ways. Call upon them…

As many of you know, each of us is now experiencing the restructuring of our carbon-based DNA into a purer crystalline form. As a result, we are experiencing emotional, metal and physical realignments. These clearings and cleansing can be painful and uncomfortable at times; this is our resistance to the shift.  Let us be aware all the shifts are for our highest good, and remove as much of our resistance as possible; accepting with compassion thus forgiving how we are choosing to learn and grow.


Now you know a little more about  crystals and the crystal grid. Interact with crystals in healing your past traumas and present toxic energies. Crystals are conscious beings here to support us. Connect with the crystal grid and ask for messages. Share what you receive with others in communities of equality, harmony and balance…for each of us holds a unique piece of the new awareness.

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