Sunday, November 4, 2018


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks 
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Having What You Say You Want: Make a List

Each and every one of you knows exactly what you want. It is time to make a list. You are living your soul’s divine plan and as you move deeper within in your personal process, you raise your consciousness and awareness, this is the reason why you do know what you want. What you want is embedded in the depth and breadth of your heart space that is connected to your soul’s divine plan.
When making the list of what you want move out of your mental body.
When you say, What I want is this, the ego may come in and ask; Are you sure? Are you sure you want that? Are you good enough? Are you perfect enough? Are you worthy enough?
Despite this, you know what you want so write it down.
Move into your heart space and write it down.
Be honest and truthful with yourself. You already know what you want.
It is up to you to move into a greater depth of loving, honoring and valuing you and committing to what you say you want in life.

Identify what you want by asking yourself;
Am I having what I say I want?
If not ask;
If this is what I say I want and don’t have it why? How does this make me feel?

We ask you to write down at the top of a piece of paper:
What is the Life I Say I Want?
Before you begin this list, it is important to identify what is most important for you right now where you are in your life. Write down five most important things to you in your life right now. It is now time to have that life.

Then make the list of what you say you want.
Write down what yousay I want. The ask:
How does this make me feel? What comes up for me?
Is it in my life?
Is it not in my life?
Write this down after each entry on your list.

Many will write down what you say you want and may suddenly realize that it is in your life. Your heart may be shut down to receiving it.
Ask yourself this:
If this is what I say I want, is it in my life or is it not in my life?

If it isn’t in my life now why isn’t it?
If I have it in my life how does it make me feel?
Look at what you say you want and ask; How does it make me feel? Does it raise my resonance? Or lower it?

This is an exercise to do from your heart space not your mental body. It is the conditioning in your mental body that keeps you from having what you say you want and avoiding the feelings.
When you make your list of what you say you want it should raise your resonance and vibration. This is a movement towards joy. As you make your list answer these questions; How does it make me feel? What are the feelings that come up? Does it raise my resonance and vibration? Is it in my life already? Are aspects of it in my life now?
Where you are right now is exactly where you are supposed to be in your divine plan,
On each item of your list follow this pathway that we just laid out for you. What am I feeling?
For example: How does it make me feel to have an intimate life partner? What comes up surrounding this?

If you follow this pathway you will see your old habits patterns and rituals and why you have kept it quite possibly, at arms length.

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