Sunday, November 11, 2018


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
A Message for November 2018
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Moving into the Power of Being Who You Are

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We welcome you as you are moving and opening up to various aspects of your life. What is transpiring in the world outside of you that is being reflected back to you, is transpiring within you.  What is transpiring in the world outside of you is simply a reflection of what is transpiring within you.  It is triggering aspects of yourself to look at and be aware of, yet not scrutinize. Simply open your awareness to what is transpiring within you as you see what is transpiring in the world outside of you.  

What We mean by the outside world is what is transpiring outside of you in the macrocosm in the world and in the microcosm of your on life, what is transpiring in your own immediate life and relationships in your life.   

In your month of November, We ask you to is look at your world outside of you. Look at the macrocosm and the microcosm of your own personal life. Look to see what may be triggering you that could be making you aware of where you now stand in relation to the powerfulness of you.

The question We have for you is:
Where are you standing in the full powerfulness and knowingness of who you are? 

Your year of 2018 has been about standing in the full powerfulness of you and expressing the truth of who you are.  Your year of 2017 was about rediscovering and remembering your truth or having your truth revealed to you. In 2018 it has also been about moving within and embodying your truth, and standing in the powefulness of you.   

As you move into your month of November, where are you standing in the full powerfulness of you? Where are you fully expressing your truth?  This is why We ask you to look outside of yourself in the world at the macrocosm and the microcosm of you own life. As you do this ask; Where am I fully expressing the full powerfulness of me?  Where am I in the full beingness of me? 

Your year of 2018 has been about moving from doing to being. You now are moving into balancing doing and being. As you are now being who you are, where can you now Do, constructively, purposefully? 

You are moving from doing to being to doing.  Moving from where you were doing to avoid aspects of your life and aspects of yourself or simply doing because that had been ingrained within you. If I am doing then I am being productive. Moving from an excessive amount of doing to being then choosing what you need to do with purpose. We ask you to look at where are you now choosing to do in the world with purpose. What is the new purpose of your doing? 

It is now about moving into the powerfulness of your beingness, your truth and looking at where you are doing with purpose.  What is the purpose for your doing? 
Many are now looking at this. 
Am I doing with purpose? 
What am I doing with purpose?
As I am doing what I am doing, it is a full expression of my beingness?
As I choose to do with purpose where is the powerfulness within that?
Am I bringing the powerfulness of me into my doing? This will dictate the purpose of your doing.
Who am I being? 
What is my purpose for doing? 
Is what I am doing in the world a full expression of who I am, the beingness of me? 

Your month of November is the beginning of the process of standing in the powerfulness of the being who I am?  Uncovering if what you are doing is expressing this, thus giving your doing purpose. 

It is now important to look at the powerfulness of you. 
Am I fully standing in the power of who I am? 
Am I fully taking charge of my life through the powerfulness of who I am in my beingness?
This in many ways is taking another step up the ladder in your soul’s divine plan. 

It is now time for you to see the full powerfulness of who you are and take charge of your life in this powerfulness. Yet many have questions about this. This is because many are moving through a transition. Moving from behind the curtain, the mask and opening to allow the effervescent white light of the beingness of the soul self to shine on the world. The questions arise because you are transitioning from the old where many have hidden behind the mask, the veil. 

Many are now feeling an energetic impulse in the depth and breadth of their heart space to move from behind the veil. And begin to step out in the world into the powerfulness and greatness of who they are and express this to the world. 

In many ways you are seeing this transpire in the world outside of you. Many have been ignited by what is transpiring in the world, seeing what no longer resonates and feel they must do something about it. Thus doing with purpose.  

Many are in the transition of moving from behind the veil, behind the curtain. Many are peeking from behind the curtain and wondering if it is safe out in the world to stand in their powerfulness and bellow to the world, This is My Truth and I am standing in the full powerfulness of me!  

Your month of November signifies the beginning, or starting point for many to do this. If you are feeling this in the depth and breadth of your heart space, know that you are fully supported and guided to do so. We have come to you with exercises and lessons to help you stand in the powerfulness of your beingness. Ask youself; what resonates for me and what no longer resonates for me? Quite possibly what no longer resonates for you is standing behind the curtain, hiding behind the veil so you can remain safe and secure. 

If you are peeking from behind the veil, and looking out with a knowingness in the depth and breadth of your heart space that it is your time to move into the full powerfulness of the being of who you are, know that you are right on time.                          










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