Saturday, November 24, 2018


The Year 2019: Applying Your Being Into a Full Expression of Your Doing.
From Archangel Uriel via channel Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

Dear Beloved Divine Beings being Human,
As you enter a new year and release an old one, we are here to remind you you are never alone within your personal process of ascending into a higher frequency of existence. We of the higher realms are ‘assigned’ to assist you with each of our bands of consciousness having specific responsibilities.  We of the frequency you call Uriel have as our priority your relationship with yourself in conjunction with the planet herself.  Since Planet Earth is now advancing/ascending into a higher frequency of existence so are you upon the body of this world.  So, what does this mean for you?
Your year 2018 began a grand necessary clearing and cleansing of humanity’s wounds and ego defenses surrounding those wounds of not being good enough largely expressed in your duality, separation and confrontation.  Your world may seem more divided than ever but remember things may seem the worst just before the breakthrough…..a breakdown precedes the breakthrough.
It’s hard for humanity to accept but things are in divine order no matter how they appear to you. Things worldwide are actually the best they have been within your recorded history. That does not mean there is not much room for improvement/advancement.  As a human species you are all learning the way you need to learn to affect a permanent healing, at last.  But the way you have chosen to learn is shifting. As you increase your consciousness and continue waking up from a deep sleep for many, your learning will come with more grace and ease, as the planetary ascension energies increase. And they are accelerating since the master shift began your December, 2012 and will finalize 2,000 years hence.
Through the connection of your  individual energetic increases merging with the collective energies you are better able to build communities based upon love of equality, harmony and balance. Our gift to humanity, cyberspace, the internet, will continue to allow faster and faster connections. More and more your timeline is transmuting into the now presence where we of the higher realms reside.
During your final month of 2018, through the winter solstice, universal life force energies are firmly planted within the core of your planet. At that time, Mother Earth is at her strongest. And you have full use and access of that energy once you have mastered how to be and do that.
This mastering and accessing of energy is what your new year 2019 is all about. This is what the ascended master realms have achieved and it is your divine destiny to be and do the same. It is their responsibility to re-create themselves in you
So how exactly do you achieve this mastership of energy. It is achieved through your conscious beingness factoring into your doingness. It is achieved through you being fully aware of what you are feeling and thinking (which creates your reality) at all times and allowing that awareness to decide the choices you make in your life through your free will.
In reality your ascended mastership already resides within your heart’s DNA and you are leaning to accessing it, by ‘thinking’ with your heart, as your mental body moves back into service to your knowing heart. Since you all originally came from higher realms this aspect of yourselves has never died. And through the ascension process of the planet returning to the light from whence she came, so are you !.
The best way to think with your heart is to place your right hand upon your heart, deeply breath and trust, surrender and receive what comes to you. Do not allow your mind to take over and tell you what is coming is not true. Thank your mind for sharing but command your mind to be silent.
Accessing truth and wisdom through your heart will allow game-changes in your governments, corporations, religions and any other systems that have attempted to control you or withhold the truth from you. All of these changes will take place through the activation of your individual soul plans (your reason to be here) moving into the planetary soul plan (learning to love), This divine merger will allow the healing of ‘me consciousness’ (creating duality and confrontation) transmuting into ‘we consciousness.’  You will finally know you are each other in disguise, all aspects of the same oneness.
The divine soul who is acting as the channel for this message, along with another divine soul within the endeavor called The Angel News Network, with the ascended mastership support of Saint Germain have created a new  message to humanity called THE REFOUNDING OF AMERICA, Launching Lessons for the 21st Century and Beyond.( The nation called The United States of America , is  a divinely inspired beingness into doingness, designed to be a beacon of light for this world). This new  re-founding endeavor will give you many examples in  personal lives, nation and world  and how applying beingness into doingness will look and feel.  This message will be released early in your new year, along with many others, as examples of what is happening and changing in your world, and why.
It is the intention of this message to inspire and transform each of you to bring your reason to be here out into the world through your innate talents and gifts. Over the past few decades you have received many messages and tools from the higher realms (such as this one). It is time for you to take full responsibility for these and apply them or not. If you so choose you can balance the universal equation Responsibility = Consequence and create the lives and world you have been asking for far too long.
Remember Dear Ones, your evolutionary ascension process has always been one of inside out, not outside in.  But humans love to make the simple complicated. Just as the ascended masters  who walked this planet before you choose to make their ascension a priority, so can you. . Again, it is a matter of you consciously applying your being into whatever you choose to do by thinking with your heart and brining your talents and gifts out into a world that so needs your love.
Through the power of one (you), you can change everything by simply knowing you can; “C” conscious, “A” ascension, “N” now.

Your servant and guardian,
Archangel Uriel

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