Sunday, June 9, 2019


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled By Jeff Fasano
A Message for June 2019

A Period of Celebration
Movement to the Light

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We come to you as you are opening up to various aspects of your life.  Many are shifting from a life long darkness, a life long place of ineptitude, a life long place in the shadow and beginning to open and see the light. In many ways moving to the full enlightenment of who they are. Seeing their potential, their talents and gifts and who they truly are being in this lifetime.  Many as We speak to you now, are remembering and rediscovering who they are, their talents and gifts and their purpose in this lifetime. This is becoming defined for many.

As you move into the month of June, signaling the end of a three month period of enlightenment and entrainment, many are moving from a shadow, a prolonged shadow, a life long shadow. What me mean by this is, many are diving into the depth and breadth of their heart space to fully see their conditioning, the root of their wounds, the root of the modeling from mom and dad. They are realizing how deeply they moved into that modeling to see how they are modeling the modeling. They are seeing how they are perpetrating in their life the modeling they learned from mom and dad. Many are realizing the life they have been leading based on this. Many are realizing how they have been stuck in their story and ready to move to a transformation into the new.  

It is most important to know that this does not happen like magic. 

Many have been moving through life in a deep personal process to fully understand all of this and open up to the depth and breadth of their heart space. This is now happening. Many are moving into the depth of their heart and beginning to live from this place, and the depth of love, in the realization of their truth and who they are. They are finding that they do matter and what they need to express does matter. Understanding that their talents and gifts are purposeful. Finding that they do make a difference in this lifetime and seeing where they have made a difference. 

You are moving into your month of June and many are being enlightened, and awakening to who they are in the depth and breadth of their essence. Many are looking at their life and saying; “This is what I perpetrated for so long. These are the relationships I have formed based upon the conditioning and the modeling.” Upon seeing this, they are beginning to move to a place of joyusness and fulfilment in their life, fully taking charge of their life and saying, “This is what I want and I am going to create this”.  For many this is what is transpiring as you move into the month of June.  

Many are moving into a powerfulness and greatness you have never known. This is what will be shifting in the macrocosm in the world outside of you as well. As many begin to discover this within them, seeing their power that is based in the depth of their heart space in love, they can engage in their soul’s divine plan and fully be conscious within it. This includes letting go of attachments and attchaments to the outside world. Letting go in many ways, of everything. Releasing and letting go and moving into the depth and breadth of the powerfulness that is you.  

For all of you are are moving to this enlightened period of who you are. The enlightement of seeing how you have perpetrated old habits, patterns and behaviors from your models, We have questions.  Where are you now, what do you want and what is most important for you?  See this in your realtionship with you and your realtionship with the world outside of you. 

You are moving to a great awakening in the depth of your heart as to who you truly are and based on this seeing why you are here. Seeing why you are here personally and why you are here in realtionship to giving in service to the world.

The first and most important step is to engage and celebrate your enlightenment. Being to celebrate the enlightenment of you. It is time to “lighten up”. Move to a place of celebration within you, a place where you are in celebration of who you are. In doing this you will raise your resonance and vibration. 

For those who are waking up from a life long slumber of living in the shadow, in the darkness, you are seeing that there is goodness in your life. Seeing that there is abundance as well as the abundance of is in your life. It is about moving out of that shadow, perhaps the shadow you have cast on many realtionships and seeing the abundance of you.  See the abundance in your life, the abundance you have created and the abundance of where you are. 

You are moving into the month of June into a period of enlightement, the enlightenment of you. It is a period of celebration, a celebration of you. Celebrating you just may be a new comcept for many?  Celebrate you, enjoy you, honor you, value you, in the truth of what this means to you. 

As you move into your month of June, you a moving into a period of light. Many are now moving to the light, seeing the light. As you see the light and allow it to encompass you, enfold you, there will be those coming to you that will mirror the old aspects of you. You will see this and can elighten them to see where they are stuck in their story as they move in their story of suffering through life. They continue to look at the darkside and the downside of life. They continue to look outside of themselves and complain about what is transpiring in the world as opposed to bringing light to the world. 

What is transpiring in the macrocosm of your life can reflect outside of you in the macrocosm of the world. Where can you shed your light on what is transpiring in the world?  What have you realized from your core wound, conditioning and models that you have awakened from? Look in the mirror, directly into your own eyes, what have you awakened to?  Where is the great awakening within you? As the light is now beaming from you, what can you shine onto the world?  What can you shift and change in the life of others? 

Are you still telling your story? Or have you emerged from your story to realize that you are here and boldly can claim that you are here. That you can boldly stand in your powerfulness and the confidence of that powerfulness. And move to the elements within you of that confidence. Can you stand in the confidence of you? This is a confidence that is based in how deeply you love, honor and value you? This confidence is a confidence in your truth.  It is not the ego “stroking” yourself and telling everyone you are wonderful, and fantastic. Paying lip service to your wound and glossing over your fear and your shame. 

If you have moved to this place of awakening and elightenment, the enlightenment and awakening is to how deeply you have judged and shamed yourself. Thus, judging and shaming everyone and everything outside of you. Judging yourself so deeply that it has paralyzed you and you became stuck in your story, in the old behaviors and conditioning. Many now are realizing this and emerging from it so they can move to a new practice.  

As you move into a new month, We suggest to you to move into a new practice. What may that new practice be for you?  Is it a practice of celebrating you? Is it a practice of praising you? As you move into the month of June, simply take the next seven days and praise yourself each day.  It is about moving into the awakening and elightenment of you. You are worth it Dear Ones. 

It is time now to shift and change yourself and your life according to this awakening. Quite possibly shifting and changing your realtionships. As you move into this deep awakening of you, your old habits and behaviors, your old story, your modeling and conditioning, you now can form a new practice. A new practice of praise. A new practice of enlightening others to see where they are walking through the shadow as you see it more clearly now. Perhaps you are becoming more sensitive and empathetic to those are walking about in the shadow, a constant shadow.  It is a perpetual shadow with the need to constantly tell their story of suffering. Has this been you? You now have begun to realize that you have become accutely aware and conscious of this behavior within you.  And realize that it is time to shift and change your resonance along with the awakening. 

This is a great awakening for many. They now can shift and change to who they truly are. And know they are truly loved, and valued for who they are. And now that your talents, gifts and abilities are important to the world.

You are important. You have a voice in this crucial time on your earhtly plain.  That voice is you.               

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