Friday, June 28, 2019



I am an American whose ancestry dates back to the Mayflower.  As a university professor, founder of Lovewell Institute for the Creative Arts, and an avid American history buff, I have learned that great leadership comes from people who have become proficient in the art and science of self-empowerment. Many of our founding fathers and mothers were educated, passionate and dedicated to forging a new nation that allowed and encouraged its citizens to learn what responsible self-empowerment means. The Founders did this by making sure that citizens could vote and participate in their own governance. 

We know these are turbulent times in our personal lives, nation and around the globe.  We’re all seeking a steady ship within these choppy waters. To be this steadfast ship we need to know truthfully what is going on and why. When I came upon THE REFOUNDING OF AMERICA I knew I had found something totally unique that can and will steady our path as a democracy redefining itself.

This often-breathtaking book offers a higher realm perspective on why and how the United States of America was conceived and created.  It gives us the practical tools, the true backstory, and the roadmap to get back on our mission of being a beacon of light to the world.

Two of the authors are accomplished American writers and businessmen who have mastered advanced metaphysics and know how to simply bring the application of universal truths into our everyday lives and world. The other credited author of this story is a metaphysical energy that was largely responsible for inspiring the original Founding Fathers in the creation of the United States of America.

Most importantly, this book is about empowering each of us to know that our democracy is not a spectator sport, and that it is incomplete without the participation of each of us individually.  Redefining our democracy can only be achieved by educating ourselves and each other to become self-empowered and learn how this process contributes to making a better world. THE REFOUNDING OF AMERICA is a powerful tool in helping achieve this goal. 

Dr. David Spangler

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