Monday, June 24, 2019


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Open to Love

From the Archangelic realm of Michael this is Michael and We welcome you at this wonderful most glorious time as many are moving into the unknown. We come at this time to bring a lesson of love so you can move to a greater depth of giving and receiving it. 

What have you learned about love? 
Does anything frighten you about love? Giving it? Receiving it? 
Are you opening your heart space to the depth and breadth of love?

We ask you one and all to now open to love. 

We have come to you in the past to move you into the depth and breadth of your heart space. Giving you lessons to move yourself to a greater love of the self and into a power known as the self.  

So what we ask you to do is take stock of yourself. 
Look at what you have learned about love. 
Look at what you have learned about the love of self. 
Look at what you have learned about the loving others.  
Look at the steps you have taken to move within to self-love. 

What have you done for yourself in the most recent past where love of self is concerned?

Many of you are moving through times of great change, perhaps dramatic change, where love is concerned in relation to the souls upon your earthly plain. So at this time you may be called upon to move directly out of the ME into the WE. There will be those who will come to you for your assistance regarding love. This is a calling to now look at love and perhaps to re-define what love is for you. 

Is there a resistance to receiving love? 

Because of the dramatic changes on the earthly plain, many of you will be called upon to give an inordinate amount of love.  With this, it is time for you to see where you are as it pertains to self-love. This is important to boundary setting. 
It is important to see where you are truly honoring you and your talents and gifts. 

It is important raise your awareness and consciousness to this and give to yourself. Giving to yourself nurtures you so you can give to others. 

Every step of the way in your process on your path is a step toward self- mastery. It is a path of guiding yourself through all the aspects of you and learning to love you and give to you because you cannot truly give to another unless you give to yourself.  See now where you are nurturing and giving to you as opposed to looking outside of yourself to get it from out there.

It is time now to move to a place of fully expressing yourself with love.


Where am I now able to give love as I am called upon to give love, without attachment?

Am I able to open my heart and receive love when others cast it in my direction? 

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