Monday, June 24, 2019



This book, channeling St. Germain, the ascended master who lived at the time of the American and French revolutions when freedom, liberty and fraternity were placed as the highest values for a living species, offers us advice on understanding our world and the need for our acceptance of all that is, even as we muddle our way through some of the worst times for humanity. I very much appreciated the clarity of the book, the format and the ease with which I could sit down and read a few passages and then take them into my ongoing life on planet earth. Many of the spiritual lessons which are coming forth increasingly are teaching similar lessons; we need to love ourselves and understand that we are one. The Oneness we are moving towards will be accomplished sooner or later as the time is NOW and the more of us who realize that the ugliness and problematic situations on earth are a reflection of what we feel about ourselves, our insecurities and fears projected outward. Our healing is an inside job. I especially recommend the 13 codes that were delivered and saying them aloud helps create their manifestation. There is no doubt we are living in horrific times and some of us who are attuned are hyper-sensitive to the massive projections that surround us. One of the best tips to combat depression and the sorrow that we feel in the busy noise that we encounter daily, is simply to express gratitude for what we have. Each of us can find something to be grateful for and to express it whole-heartedly. This allows more good to come to us. Also in our clashes with others, to forgive ourselves and to realize that once again we are simply seeing unconscious reflections. We do have higher selves, we have elected to be here at this time and America stands as the nation that demonstrates diversity of all kinds. As Americans we are a model for an integrated world. I am grateful for the good advice and reassurance in this book. Those of us on the path to Ascension need to be encouraged that the planet herself is also passing through to a higher consciousness. Just knowing this helps with the flat tire, the low alert from the bank, the rejections from friends, the stomach virus . . . etc. It is all an illusion and our higher selves are here to merge with us if we will allow it. The Refounding of America shows us how to allow it, how to keep the faith.


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