Wednesday, July 24, 2019


With St. Germain, written Phillip Elton Collins

To better understand life within the dense frequency we all exist within now  and gain a better perspective on  present current events , let us discuss what happens when we leave our physical bodies and transport elsewhere:
Since most do not fully comprehend life now, we might ask how can you comprehend death? But to fully understand life humanity must comprehend death. This is the missing link in the wisdom needed to free humanity from itself.
We all know what death will to a person’s body.  What will it do to your thinking feeling self? Do you become a ‘spirit’? The answer to this question is so important for the advancement of humanity it demands and deserves extended discussion. Thus, the meaning, value and purpose of this discussion.
This discussion will utilize the wisdom of a being who has transcended being human and ascended into an eternal state of being (the destiny and destination of all of you), Ascended Master St. Germain.
We know full well the pain and suffering that death has caused others but when a dying person is sufficiently enlightened through a committed personal process to heal the unhealed/unloved self,  they come to know that the physical body is his ‘idea’ and through healing the wounded self he will  naturally and  be prepared for this great change/shift (knowing the real  self separate from the body). Just as a fully ripened fruit falls easiest from a tree so such a person will part easiest from their body.
Dying itself (excluding violet or ‘accidental’ death) can be further compared with the squeezing of a ripe fruit for its juice.  The dying person feels an intense pressure which begins in both feet and moves slowly up the whole body.  This in turn affects breathing, the flow of blood and the senses of sight and hearing. In the final moments, the intimate/personal identity with the physical body disappears and centers within the heart space itself.
If there is a strong emotional thought of some other person that dominates the emotions/thoughts at this moment this will be telepathically communicated. Those receiving this may have a sense of unease by knowing the other is dying (the channel had this experience when his twin brother died). The dying person may be heard or in some cases seen. The last thoughts of a dying person contribute to a complex group of factors which determine what form their next incarnation will take.
The ebbing away of consciousness which culminates during the death process provide the person with an opportunity they may not have had during their earthly lifetimes to perceive what they were not able to perceive while alive.  After the final beating of the heart, the ‘dead’ person passes into a state of clairvoyant vision which varies in time from person to person. The ‘dead’ person begins to realize that an unknown and deeper layer of their mind has kept a secret record of all the multitude of their experiences from cradle to grave. Nothing has been lost but all still exists in a picture form.  They will receive flashing glimpses of most of the important episodes and details in their own past life.
The past returns vividly in a video of sharply focused tableaus which seem ‘external’ to them now. Nor do they re-live them in the same way as when they were alive. In life time ran forward, in ‘death’ it runs backward (they start from the latest events preceding death and views backwards every detail until the earliest years are reached.  Thus, the past reverses itself into the now.  All this happens due to the fact the person out of body clings to earthly existence.
What happens next is that something the person  did not recognize before will now connect with their consciousness. This being is none other than their eternal soul. Through this cosmic-soul the ‘dead’ person will see anew at the total impressions rather than the episodic detail of their earthly life.  Through their new universal-eyes they become their own incorruptible judge.  The unhealed, selfish self disappears.  For the first time they see themselves not only as others see them but also as the impersonal power of karma sees them.  During this time, they come face to face with the consequences for other people of their behavior/acts on earth (consequences they often were unaware or had no ego-interest). They come to know that whatever happened was the result of their own character and deeds. A great remorse is felt. They question whether they have been living in a make-believe world of their own. At last, they are made to ask by their eternal soul: What have you done with the gift of life?
Eventually, all the episodes and people of their past Earth life begin to seem curiously remote, unreal, dream-like. The universal existence they find themselves in seems phantom-like, there is a chance to perceive the world’s dense existence for the ‘teaching-tool’ illusion that it is: A Lover-versity, mastering love through mastering self, that they are in the process of graduating from. If they can put away their personal desires and addicted attachments to the ‘dualistic’ world they just came from, they can gain a spiritual advancement which can reveal itself in the following incarnation. They must indeed be able to free them self from the very past they just left.
When these revelations are complete, the ‘dead’ person falls into a needed dreamless sleep, an utter rest of their being and doing into complete unconsciousness.
Only now is the transition of death fully complete. An epoch of the individual’s life is at an end. The flesh has fulfilled its task of providing through the senses the needed conditions whereby the consciousness now reconnects with its true home, the spirit world.

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