Wednesday, July 3, 2019


By Phillip Elton Collins
July 4, 2019

All nations are divine expressions
Of creation’s diversified revelations.

But America, for most of her people,
Is much more than they ever dreamed, it seems.

America is an expression of
Divine inclusiveness of mankind
To aspire to reflect ALL THERE IS,
In like kind.

Remember the Founding Fathers’ inspirations
Through their founding papers,
Those were never fully fathomed.

America is the heart chakra
And center
Of the spiritual aspirations,
Of Mother Earth, not excluding all her nations.

Through America’s creation,
As a nation,
The firm foundation of the
Cosmic Christ Consciousness,
The three sees (3Cs),
Will land in mankind’s hearts
And become be’s.

No matter how things seem now,
In our social and political nature,
This Mighty Light is in the process
Of growing and expanding throughout Earth’s purpose.

Fasten your seat belts.
Many wondrous things
 Will be taking place
As the old paradigm melts.

Miracles are not a thing of the ancient past
But very present in the now, at last.

We are entering
The age of Miracles, again,
Revealing the glories
Of the magic stories of the old,
New again.

For America is the consciousness
For this planet.
Reflecting the planetary soul plan, in effect,
Planted in the cosmic concept of consciousness,
That is here, at long last.

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