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As the channel or “receiver” of these messages from St Germain for both The Refounding of America and this companion volume, Divine Dialogues with St Germain, I wish to assure you there is nothing special or unique about this ability.


We all, in our own unique ways, connect regularly with higher realms through prayer, meditation, revelations or moments of déjà vu. Throughout history we humans have always been guided by forces beyond us to assist in our advancement as a species—and, as St Germain reveals in both books, that guidance is growing exponentially as mankind moves into its seventh and final golden age on Earth.


Now, once again, our world and nation are in crisis and chaos. Remember, crises and chaos are key components for creating the new. Through our free will and choice, we can choose to create an enlightened world supporting the common good of all, or we can regress

to authoritarian regimes in which the few control the many.


The empowering and extraordinary wisdom shared in these divine dialogues helps us choose enlightenment (oneness) over authoritarian repression (separation) and to understand what is happening in our nation and world—and why.


As has been explained, these dialogues between Joel and St Germain took place while developing The Refounding of America.  If you wish a free e-book of this book click on this link


As the dialogues progressed and the wisdom discussed expanded beyond the mission of the book, St Germain and Joel agreed it would be valuable to publish the dialogues separately to preserve this wisdom for mankind.


It is my greatest hope and intention that you resonate with and are able to draw on the wisdom contained in both books to create the world we all want: one based on love, equality, harmony and balance.


I can see the beacon of light the United States of America is destined to be in the world—just over the horizon. If you are reading this, you, most likely, can see it too.


Remember, all is in divine order,


Phillip Elton Collins


Spiritual partner in this divine endeavor

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