Sunday, October 11, 2020


AFFIRMATION FOR USA (Excerpt from THE REFOUNDING OF AMERICA) "My (Ascended Master St Germain's) inspiration was instrumental in the creation of these United States of America. My intention is maintained and sustained that this nation will be a beacon of light for the world. "I wish for you to know this, to believe this wholeheartedly and to trust and surrender to this truth that no matter how things are transpiring in your world, that the foundations and the checks and balances and the founding father papers that you have that we assisted in the creation of the United States will hold firm, that this time is a wake up, that this time is an eternal final exam, an eternal final exam for humanity to understand the choice of democracy--the choice of allowing we the people, by the people and for the people to work full heartedly in this country. That requires the full participation of everyone and to allow that to ratchet out into the world as a whole. It is the hope and the promise of the ascended master realms, beloved student." <

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