Wednesday, October 28, 2020



Uriel Message #9:

Moment of Now

Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins

Greetings from the Be-Loved consciousness and en-“light” en-ment of the realm referred to as Uriel, in your earth realm.

At this time, we would like to talk to you about “time” or should we say the WarpedClockillusion of time. Time is a “creation” of your physical, third dimension so you may experience yourselves more fully. But the creation of time is a myth, a fiction, a non-reality. For within your time there is a “past” and a “future” when in reality there is only now (containing all time).

And it is human’s focus upon the past and future and the inability to focus upon the reality of now that creates much of the imbalances, separation and foolishness within your world.

Much of your existence is focused upon the past, worrying about what could have been, what should have been, or focusing on the future projecting what might happen, what will happen. Neither is reality, dear ones. For in each moment of the “now” you are given (it is your divine right to receive) exactly what you need (not what you always want).

Stop and think about it. You’ve always received in each moment of the now of your life what you need. You always have, you always will. It’s most often your thoughts about your fictitious past and future that get in the way of experiencing the now, the only true reality there is.

So how can you better enable yourselves to focus upon the now and not the past and future? By truly experiencing the now fully. Stop, breathe, see what you are seeing, taste what you are tasting, know what you are thinking and feeling…become conscious and now know the now!

Fill your heart with gratitude for the now. For in each moment of it, you are fully loved and supported always. Only your non-belief in this prevents it.

Only your lack of self-love prevents the now from existing.

Other = N-O-W (no other way)

In reality there is “no other way” (now) than now. Know this truth, and you’ll set yourselves free from the prisons of the past and future, prisons that kept you behind bars long enough, dear ones. The doors to that prison have always been open in the moment of now.

Begin living NOW and know the only reality there really is by stepping outside that prison door and acknowledging each moment of the now, bringing you all you’ve ever needed or will need.

Trust in yourself. It requires trust to fully know that you don’t need anything else but the now. The rest of your “time thinking” is not serving you, dear ones.

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