Thursday, February 24, 2022



                                                 THE ATTACK UPON UKRAINE

With Adama, The Father of Humanity

Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

Beloved daughters and sons,

Within the ancient language of Lemuria the world “ukraine’ means land of oneness and unity. More about this later.

The recent unprovoked attacked upon the nation you call Ukraine is being created by the dark energies and finances of the ones you call the cabal and illuminati. The nation you call Russia and the corrupted soul you call Putin are puppets of these dark forces. They are the unhealed beings of the ancient, assertive, masculine, Atlantean energy who are attempting to start World War III.

We of the Inner Earth Civilizations are working in concert with the ascended master’s realms, all of us who once lived on this surface of this beautiful planet, sending increased energies to strengthen human resolve in order to prevent a global occurrence of war and chaos. In the past you have been given many tools, many times to also support your freedom and the highest good of all. It is time to apply these.

The ’old guard’ is fighting with all their might to attempt to control the natural resources, the definition of a nation, and global control but beloved humans under dark forces you cannot control what you did not create.

We are also employing the powerful energies of the forces of freedom housed in your Statue of Liberty. AFFIRM AND KNOW the will of the people of world and the nation under attack can be strong enough to subvert the attacking forces.

We call upon the nations of the world to unite in oneness (reflecting the name ‘Ukraine’) and cancel out the negative forces with the force of universal love. This can be done through your intentions and the physical support of those in need.

We cannot directly interfere with the actions of humanity unless your behavior threatens the life of the planet herself.  We did step in when Atlantis threatened the life forces of this planet and destroyed that civilization. This can happen again.

Through your collective consciousness you can create anything; negative or positive. That’s how powerful you are.

Some day soon the reveal of who and what the illuminati and cabal are must be known for your full advancement as a species. For those who do not believe in these dark forces right now just connect with the love force housed within your hearts and ‘think’ with your hearts what the next best intention and action for you, your community, nation and world need be.

The nation under attack and the surrounding nations needs your physical and energetic support. Let them not feel alone nor abandoned. Let them feel the entire global brother-sisterhood of love and compassion around them.

The solution needs to be an ‘energetic/spiritual’ one, for cutting off financial resources as punishment most likely will not work since the dark force’s finances are global and without limit.

What is transpiring now is the last screams of those who think they have been in control far to long.  It is time for humanity to fully awake and know you are divine beings having this human experience and you are not here to be dominated by another.

For many years we of the higher realms have been giving you teachings and tools to assist in healing your relationship with self, thus others. As our higher realm’s energies increase to support your process, it is time, if you so choose, to know you are creation itself, experiencing itself.

Wake up believed daughters and sons and know the veil between us is gone for those who can accept this and fully receive what we have to offer. You have never been alone, and never will be. We can fully join hearts and hands when you have become the collective consciousness of which we speak. Then a world of equality, harmony and balance awaits you. A world you have wanted and now deserve

Now listen to your hearts carefully and know what to be and do next in assisting your brothers and sisters. Remember you are simply each other in disguise, all from the same Source. Once again, you are being given an opportunity to prove how divine you really are. That love, that force will shine light upon the dark forces you have been influenced by far too long and finally reveal, thus dissolve them! The dark has allowed you to know the light and the light will now cancel the dark. Let yourselves now become a land of oneness and unity, ‘ukraine’.








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