Wednesday, February 23, 2022

when the veil lifts


With Archangel Uriel, Planetary Protector

Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

Beloved Humans being human,

When the veil between the 3D and 5D dimensions where each of us resides lifts you will become completely awake and conscious. The timeline on this is at present if you so choose. The reason there is a separation between our dimensions is a result of the choices you have made within your free will.

When the veil finally lifts (and that is individually up to each of you) you will see the density of your 3D (body, mind, emotion), its purpose (to learn to be love) and the divine destiny to evolve into a higher state of being which reflects the ascension process of your planet herself.  Remember each planet in Creation evolves through an ascension process of returning to the Source from whence it came. In effect returning to light. In the case of a planet becoming a star being of light.

Once the veil is fully lifted you will see your eternal spirit that can never die. You will witness each lifetime in the 3D and what its purpose was and what you learned from it. You will then know it is time to free yourself from the past transmuting into the new you.

You are now fully seeing the need, the divine order, to separate from where you have been living, not to oppose nor resist it for that would be remaining an aspect of it.  But to create a parallel path beyond the old…

The purpose of your past physical deaths of your bodies has been to free you from the 3D density and give you a respite and perspective on your past and present lives. The in-between periods between physical life and death allow you to receive the increased love force of Creation. Now as the veil between us is lifting you can receive this love more constantly and know that love is the fuel of your eternal existence!

If you so choose, it is time for you to remain in your eternal spiritual format in order to be in full service to Creation itself, what some call God. This service will dependent upon each of your Soul Plans, your purpose to exist. Some will serve humanity, some the planet, some the solar system, some the galaxy, some the universe, some the multiverse. You get the idea.  But all of this will be connected through the Law of Oneness, meaning everything is connected and serves the Source of all, LOVE! 

Not all of which we speak at this time can be completely understood but rest assured and trust it will be eventually all be understood and applied as your divine destiny.


If additional time together is needed, as always, we are available to assist you.

We are One,

Archangel Uriel






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