Sunday, February 27, 2022




With Ascended Master St. Germain,
Captured by Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

Beloved Humans,

With two of your largest and most powerful countries (China and Russia) being led by two men of unchecked power, with few human rights for their citizens, you are now seeing the world in danger and need for ‘We The People’ governmental structure in your world.

You have seen in your recent past what a one-man madness (Hitler) can thrust upon the world. And how an imbalanced herd consciousness can support and bring this rude reality forward. The question to ask yourselves Dear Ones, “is it necessary for this to repeat itself to learn vital lessons?

Once again, the peoples of the world are being divided by one-man rule vs people rule. You have the fight for freedom currently taking place in your Ukraine, and other places upon your planet. Your political parties are revealing who they really are.

I was instrumental in the creation of the United States of America assisting your founders with the universal laws to achieve we-government for the people, by the people, to be a beacon of light for the entire world. What you have is not perfect but a work in progress and the founding documents take into consideration all of your past attempts to govern yourselves.

Recently I assisted two USA citizens, cofounders of The Angel News Network, within the creation of “THE REFOUNDING OF AMERICA, Launching Lessons for the 21st Century and Beyond”.  This document reveals two men’s journey to embrace universal truths that will assist in the success of a nation, the world and the needs of the people. If you so, choose you may review the words and wisdoms within this endeavor. All that I ever intended is within this endeavor.  Once again it is my attempt to support your journey in creating the world and lives you say you want. A world based upon equality, harmony and balance through unconditional love.

You have been gifted with free will and choice beloved Ones. It is time to fully wake up through collective consciousness and have that world and life your hearts so hunger.  You are simply diversified version of one another from the same Source. What do you choose? It has always been your choice.

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