Thursday, February 17, 2022


 The Spiritual Reset

Question: Yeshua, a dear Soul Brother asked if you might explain what hitting 'rock bottom' as an awakened Soul is all about. I understand this might sometimes be what we refer to as; 'The Dark Night of The Soul'.
"Dear One,
The first thing you may wish to identify when you hit those low points in life, is the cause of your suffering. Does it stem more from issues in your PERSONAL life or from stagnation on your SPIRITUAL path? The suffering you describe relating to the PERSON, may be readily diagnosed as a form of depression, which is connected to mentality (mind). Suffering relating to stagnation of your Spiritual motivation is more IMPERSONAL and is felt as a strong sense of LIMITATION. Both of the aforementioned types of suffering emanate from ego, yet the impersonal, to a lesser extent.
The 'Dark night of the Soul' as you label it is really a misnomer. It might better be referred to as the 'Divine Reset'. Allow me to explain . . .
As you begin to awaken to your True Nature, some of the following characteristics may be experienced; Amazing and unexplainable synchronicities, the flowering of certain 'gifts of the Spirit', metaphysical experiences , the opening up of cognitive insight and so forth . . . As these kinds of spiritual modalities emerge, the way One sees LIFE changes quite significantly and dear One, your perspective of REALITY becomes redefined as the lower vibrational life experiences you once knew, might seem to have become extinct.
Dear One, your realm of polarity/duality is so ephemeral and EVERY-THING in your realm is subject to constant CHANGE . . . It is the natural way that the lower dimensional energies of your world return to neutrality and balance.
At some point a trigger in lower dimensionality will invariably throw a spanner into the works of your Spiritual Path. It may relate to some issue relating to your PERSONAL life, to a misfortune of some kind, a disaster, an unexpected death of a loved one, etc. The impact of this may result in a rather abrupt and unexpected falling away of your sense of Empowerment and acquired metaphysical abilities. This experience can sometimes literally pull your vibration down, in one fell swoop.
The LIMITLESS feeling you once had becomes substituted with a strong and undesirable experience of feeling once again LIMITED. The ego narrative may even lead you into a recognisable sense of DOUBT connected to your; spiritual abilities, expansion and motivation . . . "Was it all imagined? What am I doing wrong? Do I need some form of energy healing? Should I meditate more? If only I could have a sign!" . . . And so on.
Dear One, when this occurs to you, what you have experienced is a SPIRITUAL RESET. This is Divinity's way of restoring balance on your Soul Path. As you awaken and expand in awareness you find yourself living in two VASTLY different realities. Accordingly , it becomes so important to establish and MAINTAIN a healthy balance and grounding in your day to day life. Once awakened, it is not uncommon to focus a lot more on your IMPERSONAL INFINITE SELF rather than your PERSONAL FINITE self . . . But be aware this can lead to you becoming ungrounded and throw you off balance. It can impact your life in various ways, especially with regard to relationships with your loved Ones and others . . . In particular those who do not understand the changes they FEEL have beset you!
As you mature spiritually, you learn to find that beautiful Soulful balance on your path that honors all paths including your own PERSONAL path.
It is always helpful to remember dear One that you incarnated into your lower vibrational realm of polarity with a clear Soul Purpose, centered around; Love for Self and Others, Service to Others and an obligatory Soulful desire to strive to REMEMBER who you TRULY ARE, to facilitate the expansion of your awareness.
In modern times our blessed Sister, Mother Teresa, set a wonderful example to humanity . . . Her devotion to The Father . . . Her CARE, LOVE and SUPPORT for those suffering in Calcutta . . . Her LIGHTWORK through PRAYER for all those she was UNABLE to help . . . She was able to find beauty in the unexpected . . . She always saw her Sisters, Brothers and Children, through her beautiful heart . . . She was soaring Spiritually while being grounded in the slums and yet, she lived a life of pure fulfillment and happiness!
Spiritual awakening and expansion might best be seen to be a PRIVILEGE rather than a QUALIFICATION dear One. It is important to remind yourself that you (as a human collective) are ALL equal in God's eyes. For in this very moment, the highest version of each one of you incarnate, is fully enlightened in the ONENESS and LIGHT of God The Father/ Divine Consciousness !" . . .

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