Sunday, June 19, 2022



AMERICA AND THE WORLD: Things are not getting worse. They are getting revealed, uncovered. You must hold each other tight and continue to pull back the veil that separates us, for it is getting thinner and thinner. 
ABORTION: Human life does not begin until the fetus takes its first breath.  If a woman chooses to have an abortion, that decision is in concert with a spirit (of the child) who has decided not to incarnate into that body. At that point the fetus is an extended organ of the woman’s body, not a living human being. If the mother decides to have an abortion, that is reflecting the mutual decision of the spirit and the mother. 
SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Human beings come from love, and there are many different expressions of love. You will not stop the expression of the diversity of love on this planet. You cannot write laws or create cultural circumstances that will stop sexual expression. If it is possible in Earthly nature, then it is normal. Many who most condemn someone’s sexual orientation are resisting those urges in themselves because of prejudices taught by religions and their cultures. “If you are comfortable with your own sexual orientation, why would you care about anyone else’s?”
GUN CONTROL: When the second amendment was written, the arms at that time were much more primitive. People who are resisting any effort to limit the sale of military-style guns often consider their opposition more as a political issue, connecting guns with liberty. This must cease or the consequences to the nation will be dire. Most democracies limit access to guns with no damage to liberty. The rest of the world looks at America in complete alarm. How many more lives have to be lost? 
“To those who have lost loved ones, we wish to say, your loved ones are still alive and are in a state of cosmic consciousness. It was part of their soul plan to surrender their incarnational cycle at this time to assist in moving in the right direction to control these arms that are very deadly. Think of the children and adults who have lost their lives as helping advance humanity forward. Know that they have not died in vain, that each life that has left has been to strengthen the resolve to get this right.”

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