Wednesday, June 29, 2022



                                            PYSCHIC/ASTRAL 4D VS 5D REALMS

The astral/psychic 4D realm is filled with mischief, misinformation and trying to predict the future which is an infringement on our free will. Please transition into the 5D realms and beyond for cosmic truth that does not reflect the 3D realm in which we live now. There are no divine teachers, guidance, star realms nor other dimensions within the 4D. But there is a great deal of mischief and reflection of the one connecting with the 4D. 

The one positive thing that can be said about the astral realm is that it allows humans to know there is something beyond this dense frequency in which we live now. The higher realms are intending to receive a dispensation to eliminate the 4D since it has held humanity in a dense state for far too long.

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