Thursday, June 30, 2022



(To Joel Anastasi & Phillip E. Collins, July 2021)
Dear Beloved Co-workers, Soul Family,

We are entering your hearts and reading the joy, satisfaction and sometimes disappointment within yourselves wishing our work together could be known to more people. We write you therefore with some effort to bid you keep a cheerful frame of mind and heart. Our work together is most importantly for you and those who are meant to encounter it, will….

Your strivings, perplexities and forebodings are equally noticed, good and faithful friends. In the imperishable RECORD of the Masters, you have written with many of us…you have stepped within the circle of our work, you have crossed the mystic line which separates your world from ours, and now as you continue our work together…you are virtually OURS…you cannot avoid meeting us in Eternal Existence. Yes, verily good friends, your Karma is ours, for you have imprinted daily and hourly upon the pages of the books, discussions, emails and Podcasts we have done together thus stepping further and further inside our circle and preserving our missions together:  explaining we in the higher realms really do exist to support your planet and humanity.

In thought and deed by day, in soul-struggles by night, you have been writing the story of your desires and your spiritual development, your Soul Plan. This everyone does who approaches us with any earnestness of desire to become our co-worker and colleague and friend.  You precipitate the written entries by the identical process used by us by our transmitting into your hearts.

Creation has linked all parts of her creation together by subtle threads of magnetic sympathy and there is a mutual correlation even between a star and a man, and ourselves that runs swifter than the electric current that finds us by a pure impulse that joins our minds and hearts. We may move in dimensions and cycles of activity divided but not entirely separated from one another.

Like the light in the somber valley seen by the mountaineer from its peaks, every bright thought in your mind, beloved Ones, will sparkle and attract the attention of our multi-dimensional   friends and correspondents through the Law of Attraction. Let us remember together to never doubt the truth of what is written here. For only doubt and ignorance can separate us.

Farewell for now dear Friends, for longer or shorter, as you may determine.  We are called to duty.

Yours faithfully,
St. Germain & A

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