Sunday, June 26, 2022




(Received By Many Connected to The Federation)

As The United States Celebrates the 4th of July


  As many know, The  Intergalactic Confederation Is  Very Active As The Old Systems Die Before The Eyes Of Earth's Population."

The Galactic Federation Reconfirms The Light Forces Are Assisting our Ascension like never before.

We Are Entering A Higher State Of Awakening Of We The People, No matter how things may appear.

The nonbelievers and the Citizens of the Asleep Earth Populus are Now Transmuting  towards the First Stage of Awakening.

For Many, This Will Be A Trauma And They Will inevitably Experience The Dark Night Of The Soul.

This is necessary to process and Cleanse deeo dense layers of programming and false beliefs.

The 2020 American Election Has Been Used To Become The Biggest Coup D'etat In Universal History.

The whole World is watching as the old System is being dismantled. Corruption Is Surfacing At Great Speed.

This is the Final Battle and the Victory of LIGHT is At Hand.

Current Events have been carefully planned and executed as increased cooperation between the Forces of LIGHT and the Earth take Place. (Listen to CURRENT EVENTS BROADCSTING, THE ANGLE NEWS NETWORK).

Only A Landslide of This magnitude  Is Powerful Enough to Shake and Wake Up The Sleeper.

The Events thus far of 2022 Have Forced Many to Reevaluate Their Belief Systems.

The Political Situation in the United States of America is the culmination of events that will bring the victory of light over Darkness.

This Marks The Final Death of a Corrupt System that Does Not Honor the Earth and Does Not Honor All Life.

You're Now Entering the Golden Age of Gaia at A Quick Pace.

Don't engage in political discussions with those who still cling to their ignorant programming. They will drag you down and lower Your Frequency even more.

At This Point, Things Are being revealed faster and faster,

Humans cannot control what they did not create. We of Light will ultimately be in control.

You are asked to help by maintaining your Frequency and clinging to your vision of Freedom, Peace, Equality and Love for the Human Race And Planet.

The Revelation of Truth is Near. All Darkness is coming to the LIGHT. Many will be devastated and feel Lost or Just Stopped. . Their Darkness will allow you to know Your Light.

The Programming is severe and the people on Earth identify with their beliefs. As these beliefs begin to crumble, they will get confused Not Knowing Who They Are. You Must Remember Who You Are and Why You Are Here.

This Is Where We Need You To Hold The Light. And one Another. You Are The Ones Who Have Chosen This Assignment. That is why you are awake and enlightened, so you can Be the Teacher Souls, Light Bearers, Warriors of LIGHT and Spiritual  Seer that Your Fellow Earth Citizens Need Now More Than Ever.

Many Will Start Coming To You, Asking For Spiritual Scientific Support And Compassion During These Stressful Times.

We Want To Assure You That We See And Appreciate All The Hard Work You Have Put In To Help Raise The Earth's Vibration And Consciousness.

The Collective Consciousness is Ready to Receive the Higher Light Codes Now.

We Continue To Blast The Earth With Maga Photons Light Beams. These Codes Carry a Frequency designed to Allow This Transition Process with As Much Grace And Ease As Possible, or As Individual Consciousness Can Integrate.

For Those Who Have Already Been Through The Awakening Process, These Codes Will Activate Your Soul Plans More And Place You On The Execellerated Path To 5D Ascension.

The Official Dismantling Of The Old Paradigm Has Begun As The  Cabal Leaders  become visible and Fall Into Their Own Demise.

Rejoice, Dear Ones!

You Will Forget All The Difficulties You Had To Endure And Experience Harmony, Balance And Love, Just Lije You Have Been wanting.

The Mission of  Being Love in Your World And the Abundance Of Your World Will Be Returned To You And set You Further On Your Ascension Process. This is Your Divine Destiny And Destination.

We Love You. We're Here With And For You Like Never Before. You Have Never Been Alone.

This is the Victory of LIGHT Over Darkness and the Arrival of the New Glorious  GAIA. "


In Unconditional Love,

Captain Ashtar

The Galactic Federation (Of Light and Love)

Scribed By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network


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