Sunday, January 13, 2013


By Phillip Elton Collins 
Co-founder of the Angel News Network

The time has come, this 2013 year, where we humans will have more connection and recognition of the higher realms that constantly pour love and light our way maintaining and sustaining our very existence, in spite of ourselves.

Now we are creating a more conscious cooperation between our 3D life and these 5D beings that are our protectors and teachers. We are joining through our multi-dimensional ability with star systems that seeded us, ascended masters who walked our Earth, angel realms, Inner Earth frequencies and the Inter Galactic Federation. These higher realms may be new to many but we are not new to them. If fact, we would have destroyed ourselves eons ago without their support. 

It is our destiny to join in a mass-consciousness with each other and these higher realms to move into our next and final Golden Age on this planet. A new age of oneness, called We Consciousness.

These higher realms are pouring great amounts of energies of light at certain vortices/portals on our Earth to be received by the consciousness of light workers and way showers who can accept with compassion these energies as part of their divine soul plan. Once received and integrated these energies focus upon the I AM PRESENCE within each individual. Only through the I AM PRESENCE can we re-establish equality, harmony and balance on Earth. The I AM PRESENCE is your direct re-connection to the forces that created you and support you now.

The separation/veils between where humanity is now and the higher realms is as thin as it’s ever been. Many of us will feel, hear and see our connections with frequencies above and below us (as above, so below). It is essential within our freedom of will and choice to acknowledge these higher realms within the hearts and minds of humanity. These higher beings have from the beginning of our existence loved and supported us more than we were/are capable of loving ourselves. They can give aid without limit to those who trust and surrender to their existence. Now with the more integrated connection and activation of our I AM PRESENCE we are manifesting our final Golden Age within the last cycle of this planet before it and we ascend into beings of light (our true, eternal state of beingness). 

We have learned all we need to learn from the isolation within what is not. The timeline of what is now. The tool of the I AM PRESENCE can re-establish the original balance and oneness upon Earth. It can consume all imbalances through unconditional love of self while dissolving the fear in our emotional bodies that has much pain.

Through the connection and combination of higher realms with our I AM PRESENCE we can re-awakened our divinity, clearing and cleansing all that is not love and light. Unlike past Golden Ages, this final one will allow a permanent connection to Source that will insure our ascended mastery of self. This will allow a transition into world and then universal service.

Throughout 2013 these higher beings some in human embodiments, and other forms will walk and talk face to face with mankind on Earth. It is time we know we are not alone and know what loving forces really are in divine control of our world and the universe. The original divine way of life will be explained once again, the human and planetary imbalances revealed and cleared. Human lack and limitations and fear will be washed away and we shall re-create communities of equality, harmony and balance. The light and love of these higher realms never fail. And you choose to be here now for this glorious event.

Stay steady in your trust and surrender to what is said here not matter how things appear now. Much more is about to be revealed during 2013…

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