Monday, January 28, 2013

JOEL'S JOURNAL: The Ascension Handbook, Compassion

From The Ascension Handbook by the Two Marys 
authored by Joel Anastasi and Jessie Keener

We are teaching you to have a compassionate relationship with God, which is a complete acceptance of God with an open heart. Doesn't this make sense once you realize that you are God experiencing yourself as you? Therefore, the only way to proceed is with a fully opened, compassionate, loving relationship with God. Anything less than that would be a private self. As we discussed, the private self does not belong to you. It belongs to the collective.

Having a compassionate relationship with God is having a relationship with love, which creates. The private self, the mind, focuses on judgment and fear and the lower vibration energies which destroy.  So choosing a compassionate relationship with God  means constantly choosing to serve as a conduit for the energetic frequencies of the highest expression of God. Less than that is to choose limitation.

Compassion towards God includes joy and the gratitude to be able to serve and be here. It takes discipline to keep moving forward into that place where the desire is to remain in that open-hearted, compassionate state so that when fear knocks, you can say, "I see you for what you are. I choose to remain here in that state of exquisite union," which, of course is called grace.

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