Monday, January 28, 2013

JOEL'S JOURNAL: Conversations with The Two Marys


JOEL:  In your initial comments today, you repeated that you bring the human element to your teachings and comments to us. I really value that. I sometime think that is a missing element when I am communicating with the Archangelic and other realms. 

MARYS:  Indeed. And that is challenging for many, many students. The lack of mutual human rapport, the ability to communicate from that place of having endured suffering on behalf of learning how to surrender, having gone through those eyes of the needles, so to speak. That is absolutely essential to the process. 

The human experience is a most exquisite and completely infinite possibility. It is the pinnacle of experiences on many, many levels. So the ironic part is that as students decide and declare themselves for their Ascension, they forget that what they must master is being human. And that includes, all the colors, all the sizes and shapes of the judgments and the crystallized views and the rigid opinions and the declarations, unconsciously, that, I am not enough. I am separate. I am weak. I am small. I am not connected. 

Of course, no matter how many times fifth dimensional beings say, ah beloveds, you are connected. We love you more than you can know. Does that really cut it for the student? No, it does not. 

Remember, for eons students on your planet progressed through organized systems of mystery schools, ashrams and temples where there were teachers teaching perennial principles. The challenge is that too often those humans become cult leaders. So your population has developed great skepticism and wariness about human spiritual leaders. 

The challenge, of course, is how to keep the body of work open and keep it not exclusive. How to have the people involved. How to keep those organizations open and inclusive as opposed to exclusive. So the great teachers have to be masters regarding the energetics of their organizations and of their administration How do the parties communicate? Are they communicating with love, with connectivity? That is a challenge. 

The only way forward is through greater surrender, greater connectivity and intelligence. We must remind you that you cannot resolve or fulfill something which is disconnected from the same level of intelligence that created the disconnect. It requires more intelligence, not the same intelligence. 

How interesting it will be when the two of you (Joel and Jessie) are comfortable with conversations that start with, "I request  we bring more intelligence to this discussion. Let us use more tools to bring intelligence to this discussion, not more intellect, more intelligence. Intelligence is that which flows freely through the human from the spiritual connection. Intellect is the clever creation of the ego mind which is often corrupted into force. "Let me force you to do it my way."

"Let me intellectually give you all the reasons why my way is superior to your way.  When you force concept over connection, the connection is doomed. 

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