Tuesday, January 29, 2013

JOEL'S JOURNAL: The Second Coming


Martin Luther King is a soul who is at a certain level of development. When souls incarnate at a certain level of development, their place of service is donated to world service in some way. Therefore, they become a messenger because they have reached a state of development energetically and in consciousness as a soul where they are able to reach out and contact soul groups and bring them together at some level.

Souls come in particularly at times of preparation. The time Martin Luther King came in began the preparation for this age. From about the 1960's onward was an accelerated time that was preparing for this millennium, preparing for the raising of consciousness. So there were souls coming in at that time for that purpose. Those souls served a specific purpose to mark a time and to create an impression. Gandhi is another example. He came in at a certain epoch to make an impression, and that impression has stayed. The same with Martin Luther King.

At that level of soul development, they have access to the universal truth that souls at a lower level of development don't have conscious access to. It's not that they don't have it available to them; it's that they haven't reached a state of development in their conscious being where they can contact it readily. So he had that, as do others. In a sense they become channels connected to their higher selves, to their soul essence. The higher the level of soul development at which you incarnate at in a lifetimes determines the vibration that comes into the body and how easily the body and personality are able to access the essence vibration, so there is not blockage between the two.

That doesn't mean they don't have problems in their personal lives, that they don't have challenges like any other soul. They're working on their own passage, their own individual growth, but at the same time they have a higher purpose that has to do with the planet or has to do with large groups of people.  For him, his purpose was to bring attention to the black situation and to the separatist situation and to continue the healing of that segregation. The beginning of the last century was the beginning of the healing of separation on the planet, particularly the beginning of the healing of separation in this new world, the North American continent.

This particular continent is acting as an archetype to bring together all peoples. That is why you have such an influx of all different ethnic groups into the country called the United States of America. Its original purpose is to create a unified field. It is, as they call it, the New Jerusalem as indicated by the three letters, USA, in the center of the world Jerusalem. The United States is the New Jerusalem, the place that brings the children of Israel out of bondage so to speak.

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