Friday, January 25, 2013

JOEL'S JOURNAL: The Two Marys - MLK Day

Here is an excerpt from my discussion with The Two Marys on January 21st, Martin Luther King day and President Obama's second inauguration. The Two Marys are the combined energies of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, channeled by Jessie Keener.

"We are celebrating with you the continuous awakening of humanity and the continuation of the divine expansion, which has begun. It is with great joy and celebration that humanity witnesses this expansion.

"As your Eckhart Tolle continues to say, the good news is that while things are getting better, the bad news is things are getting worse. So our caution to you is disregard what is not giving you joy and great glad tidings in your heart. Focus not on where it isn't working. Focus on where it is working. Focus on the reasons humanity is expanding. Focus on the great connectivity that is happening and focus on the cosmic shift that is taking place such that humanity is functioning more in the light. 

"This is an incredible opportunity for those who wish to accelerate their ascension, accelerate their heart opening, accelerate  the ecstasy of their union. So it is that humanity witnesses again the reappointment of your president who is a representative of the light even though he has  great limitations on how that can function.

"Is it not that truth for all other humans that to some extent they have great limitations on how that light functions? So celebrate where the light is, beloveds. It is no accident that Martin Luther King day is being celebrated on the day of the inauguration of the first ever Afro-American president of this great nation that is struggling, at times, to align itself with its greatness, align itself with its birthright. 

"But isn't that like every human on the planet, struggling at times to align themselves with their birthright? What is that birthright but the ecstatic union with God.  So again we say focus n where there is alignment and coherence. Give yourself to more celebration, joy and gratitude. Let go of the mind's intense addiction to needing to know the details. Continue to move with discernment. Create the quiet time for that discernment and you will navigate yourself into greater and greater connection with your fellow man."

The Ascension Handbook

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