Wednesday, November 5, 2014




I need help, the warrior asks.

For even the warrior needs love guidance and support.

It is the warrior’s mission to open his heart to receive love. To break down the barriers and the old myths and conditioning that block the flow of love.

The warrior becomes frightened as well, for allowing new and releasing old stirs feelings of old consequence.  It is this consequence that is shifting. The consequence that is imprinted within where the old outcome remains the same. This now is shifting.

The warrior desires to shift this and remain on the path of love. For it is the warrior who chooses to exemplify his feelings of fear and abandonment, frightfulness, love and joy. Where old is concerned the warrior must face his feelings for these feelings reflect the old outcome. The outcome of lack and desperation, emptiness, aloneness.

The warrior need not separate himself from himself but simply acknowledge he is vulnerable, uncertain and unknowing. Being in these states allows the certainty that love abounds and love comes to all who declare their state of being when change occurs.

Change of the physical sense, the mental sense, and the emotional sense. It is in the period of change where the warrior is most vulnerable and susceptible to outside influence. It is then the warrior needs to seek counsel for he cannot do it alone. Seek counsel from an unknown source that nurtures the soul and the moment in time when shift occurs. It is in this time that known begins to dissolve and the unknown broadens and brightens.

The warrior travels a path of great shift and change in order to adapt to the ebb and flow of the universe. It is in these times where gentleness of the soul is prudent. For it is this love of self that will allow the love of another to enter.

Be prosperous, joyful, and sweet divine loved one. For it is your gentleness that will allow the prosperous force to enter. This the warrior knows yet may forget. The gentle warrior seeks love to quench his thirst. To direct his inner love to the love of spirit, the love of the divine and the love of the soul. It is then the connection is made to his divine loved one who penetrates the armor around the warrior’s heart and eases the burden of solitude.   

Yet it is in tandem they fly, bringing the word of God to the world. For it is these lessons that are important to learn. In tandem they speak of love. For it is in tandem the divine can conquer. In tandem they speak one voice, the voice of love, the voice of peace, the voice of joy.

Be grateful gentle warrior the hunt will end. Be still, be clear, be open and refined. Your love is on its way. Be kind, appreciative, grateful and love.

The mixture of the feminine is upon you. The waiting is clear, the time has come. Open your heart your tandem has come.

Divinely Yours in Christ, Jeshua


And so it is.

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