Wednesday, November 26, 2014



We often focus on what is not, Rather than what is, In our lives. 

Maybe it’s time to turn the not, Into thanks and gratitude for the what. 

Most of us live life after life Without once thanking or sending Gratitude, and never mind love, To the Divine Fantastic Forces, Which flow through us, all the time. 

When and where do we give regular thanks, For the thousands of good things Surrounding us all the time. For the Godly-forces that created this good, Who don’t even ask anything in could or should. 

Many even shame life, Even hold a grudge, And won’t budge, From blaming life, For "woulds" or "coulds", or "shoulds", They created themselves. 

Let us fill our hearts with Gratitude and offer a multitude Of thanks for every single person, place or thing, We create, and make possible, The good and grungy, Without any further platitudes, Of non-thanks.

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