Saturday, November 15, 2014



It is the warrior who knows grace in the face of challenge and has faith all will be accomplished. This is faith in oneself. Through imagination and knowing and by being divinely guided one accomplishes all.

Be divinely guided for fear is yet behind you. Feel that fear but worry not for we are right behind you. We will push and prod and conjure the thought that love is all there is. Be mindful dear one of precious thoughts that come in the fleeting moment. 

You are divinely guided with hope and fear. For it is in the warrior’s plan to feel the gamut of the master’s mind in love and faith. 

“Why" the warrior asks, “must I walk the path of challenge and faith? 

"Why must I experience the absence of love?"

"Why are the challenges so deep beyond comprehension?"

"Why is fear inside?” 

The answers lie within you dear one. They are you and you are them. 

Be kind and gentle in times of strife. For it is in these times your character builds. It is in these times the guidance is pure if one is open to see. Yet the task is not overwhelming once the realization comes and the next step is taken. That next step is the first step of change. For it is change the warrior seeks. Change from the old behavior that keeps one in comfort, knowing and safe. 

Venture out dear one to lands unknown and your answers will come. 

The warrior seeks new challenges to create all new, yet seeks a simple way. That way is the word of God. The word of the divine and hope. Hope is eternal, yet manifestation is real. And love will conquer all.

So have faith dear one and put your mind at ease and trust your divine plan. You are there and once upon the mount comes grandeur and love and abundance and joy. In the here and now it is so. Be confident in yourself.

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