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From the Archangelic Realm of Uriel

Dear Beloved Humans being governed,

Governments always reflect and mirror the people they are governing. If you so choose, it is time to really look at the universal truth, dear ones. Most of your world, including the countries you call a democracy, are not living in equality, harmony, and balance. Why exactly is this? Because of each of you and your unhealed relationship with yourself. If you so choose, it is time to know this and begin to apply many of the tools and teachings that are coming to you from higher realms.

Within higher realms, none gain the opportunity to govern another unless they have reached a certain degree of healing within themselves that allows that to reflect out onto those they govern and support. There is not room for deceit or denial of the deceit, which fills your governments and world, dear ones. Of course, our being telepathic and knowing what others are thinking (your divine destiny) prevents untruths from being in our world. But until you have earned and evolved into telepathy, there are some reminders that can take place now to assist and support you in the present moment.

This is not to say there are not some well-intended people in your governments. There are, dear ones. It’s just that their efforts are so overshadowed within a corrupted system; they seldom can fully succeed.

Let’s return to the cause and effect of what exists at present. Most humans believe that one person can achieve little in changing things, instead of realizing it all starts with ONE, since you are all ONE. If you can begin to imagine and then know that you are all aspects of the same thing, that just might change how you treat yourself and one another, and change who you wish to elect into a government office.

Dear ones, you have an inner gyro system called resonance and discernment that can allow you to know who and what is true and better suited to govern your world. This is an eternal gift from your higher self to assist you in creating and choosing to create a higher frequency/consciousness government, thus world.

Can you see many of those who are attempting to control you and your governments now are destroying your very home, your planet, and making many of your lives miserable due to a lack of equality, harmony, and balance? You are not here to suffer, dear humans, even though some old-paradigm religions told you so. Only a lack of self-love and truth can continue to hold this old belief in place.

As you have been taught in the past, this planet is a divine experience of learning to love, a Lover-versity, if you will. The planet was created from the energies of twelve star systems that seeded it. Each of these star systems brought unique gifts to the process. Your races, genders, geographic locations, languages, and cultures throughout your world reflect this intended diversity. There are portals and vortices throughout your planet that attract certain expressions of diversity. What has happened particularly in some of your large land masses, like your so-called China, Russia, and Brazil, where there is a wide expression of diversity, your man-made governments have attempted—through dictatorships, autocratic, and so-called communist governments—to control the people. As your history has demonstrated, these attempts at control are short-lived and will continue to be so. When the people under these corrupted governments continue their wake up, all will continue their soul paths to oneness, allowing the evolutionary path of each nation. And a word regarding those who attempt to harm or prevent the destiny of humanity, the universe knows quite well how to balance imbalance through karma.

One of the major reasons that the United States of America, as a large land mass, chose the path it did had to do with the cycle of ascension taking place on the planet. This country was chosen to be the “heart of the world,” leading the planet to its divine destination of oneness. The founding fathers of the United States of America were divinely led through the creation of the documents from which the country was formed. The manifestation of so-called America is not complete, but continues to be in process; not perfected/manifested yet, but way showing.

Let us speak about control for a moment, dear ones. Humanity is not in control of anything. You may think you are, but you are not. You cannot be in control of things you did not create (this is a universal law). You did not create your world or the life upon it. The sooner you master this truth, the easier your transition into higher-frequency reality will be. In your past and present religions, the first governing bodies transformed into what you call governments and corporations. All of these man-made structures have attempted to control you through their wounded mental, largely assertive masculine energies. Since control is an illusion, and there is no control, you may ask what is there? What is there, dear ones, is a frequency, a consciousness that created you, but doesn’t intend nor can control you since it is not part of the human mind. This Creator gave you freedom of choice and will that, like itself, no one nor nothing can disrupt.

You are here to wake up, to love self and others, and to know your divine destiny as eternal beings of light in human form; to become the master teachers of the universe! Nothing less will be and do, dear ones.

So how did the present existence of your world come to be (knowing it is in the process of shifting into a magnificent new)? As explained earlier, this all was and is an agreement you made to learn what you need to learn to finally BE who you are and know why you are here. And this has largely been achieved through experiencing what is not in order to know what is. Humans love to learn this way. In fact, it is often the only way you can learn.

The messenger through whom we are coming to you at this divine time is a brethren within an endeavor called the Angel News Network, whose mission (like many others) is to bring teachings and tools from higher realms beyond the human mind to you. The intention of these messages is to raise your frequency, thus consciousness, which will assist in your self-empowerment and healing of the wounded me transforming into the healed we of world service (your reason to be here).

It is time, dear ones, humanity becomes conscious of the forces that created it, and continue to maintain and sustain your world and selves, through your reunion with creation, which can, with grace and ease, help you transcend into your divine destiny and resume your rightful place with all higher realms. Remember, you agreed to experience all this to become who you are: the master teachers of the universe.

Dear ones, the Archangelic Realm of Uriel, and all other higher realms, are so grateful for the choices humanity has made. We recognize it has not been an easy journey, but we know it has been a necessary pathway through your freedom of will and choice. When you reascend into your reunion with us, it will be like the mother during childbirth. At the actual birth, all the pain (not suffering) is forgotten when the infant connects to the mother’s breast. That’s what you will be doing, dear ones, reconnecting yourselves to the forces that fathered and mothered you! This is the force of which we are all in service! You are in your final Earth cycle for this to take place. The time line will be determined based upon each one’s soul plan.
*The poems in this book are all from Sacred Poetry & Mystical Messages by Phillip Elton Collins.


It is furious folly for one part 
Of God’s creation
To war against another part.

When will you know 
War simply does not work!

Confrontation is the height
Of selfishness and lack of self-love, 
Creating bondage and misery 
Where there can be no peace of the dove.

Awaken weary world
And know
Soon you will bless your sisters and brothers, 
Rather than wage wrongful war.

Learning what is 
From what is not 
Is done.

For the time of duality and separation
 Is through
As you know the true you,
As Children of Earth

Sent here for preparation,
To now end duality and separation, forever more...

Now focus on creating your next Golden Age, 
And remember,
You are destined to be
The Master Teachers and senders
Of Liquid White Light and Love,
 Throughout the Universe,
In Oneness, for ages more... 

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