Sunday, November 23, 2014

COUNCIL OF CREATION by Phillip Elton Collins

Given by The Council of Creation 
Received by Phillip Elton Collins 
Co-founder of the Angel News Network

Dear Beloved Humans choosing to be human,

The intention of this message is to introduce ourselves to humanity at this most important juncture within your evolutionary path. To simply know of our existence can change your reality, if you choose.

We are The Council of Creation in service to ALL THERE IS/GOD/SOURCE come to you through your I Am Presence and Christ Consciousness energies, your eternal, divine beingness.

We are the bands-of-consciousness and energies through which your divinity (connection to your eternal higher selves) is maintained and sustained, dear ones.  We come to you to support your process of what you call Ascension: moving into your destined higher frequency/vibration of existence.

What exactly does this mean? You are an eternal being of light that has chosen THROUGH CHOOSING TO BE HUMAN to forget at times that you are a Being of Light reflecting ALL THERE IS. The purpose of this (and the way you are choosing to learn through your freedom of choice and will) is so that you never forget again which you have done many times in your past.

You are in the process of remembering and applying who you truly are and knowing why you are here (as we, at The Council of Creation), to be in service to all Creation, beginning for you with world service.  You have chosen to be all aspects of being human; that includes all aspects of ‘what is not’ in order to fully know and apply ‘what is.’ This is the only way the human soul could imprint the needed truth in order to transcend into eternal spirit.

Let us further give examples of how the above process is taking place within your history and present existence.

First and foremost, dear Humanity please  know and remember humanity is not in control of the existence of your reality or the universe. You cannot control what you did not create.  You have a given divine soul plan as a species to return to higher realms of existence from whence you came. You are in the process of returning to higher realms through your freedom of choice and will (a gift and learning tool from Creation). We at The Council of Creation are observing the often folly of humanity through your choices. Full acceptance and compassion and forgiveness for this process allow transcending the process. If it resonates, we ask now that you begin to look deeply at your past and present choices in order to see, through wisdom, applied knowledge, if you wish to begin to make other choices which reflect your divinity.

Dear Ones, you all came from the same Source with the same needs, created from the same eternal elements. When are you going to see this Oneness, and know we have created enough for all of you without your further attempting to control that which you did not create? You have created duality, separation and often confrontation (as a learning tool) which in reality do not actually exist. When are you going to choose to wake up from this insanity?

As you have moved further and further from the truth, in order to maintain and sustain your divinity, humanity has from our Council received dispensations to allow your shift to higher frequencies of existence.  As at present, there have been many times in your human history you have chosen to separate from the higher realms that have maintained and sustained your past advanced civilization through the connection to ALL THERE IS.

Much of your true history and evolution as a species is not known. It has often been kept from you by those attempting to control you. It is time (if you so choose) to know and apply your true evolutionary process in order to prevent your history continuing to repeat itself. It is time, if you so choose, to stop the karmic wheel of cause and effect, duality/separation and life and death and step into your true format of eternal,  divine, formless beingness. The time-line of this is upon you dear humans. You are entering the final phase of learning the way you have in the past and awakening and allowing the true you to appear. This is your destiny not matter how things may appear in your world today. The forces at play at present are clearing and cleansing all the unhealed aspects of humanity that have caused your inequality, harmony and balance.

Let us give some examples of the past, many of which are not known or accepted by humanity. The intention dear ones, is to not continue to repeat the past. You have had many past ‘golden ages’ (supported by higher realms) upon this divine, learning laboratory of love, planet Earth. These civilizations achieved much more than you have at present. As many of you know, the purpose of the creation of this planet is to learn to love (the building block of all creation), and apply that love within the creation of a world of Unity Consciousness. This is a preparation for joining we at The Council of Creation in service to ALL THERE IS.

Lemuria, Atlantis, early Egypt, Aztec, Mayan and several others before and after these existed on your planet as a result of their connection to the higher realms (archangelic servicing humanity, star systems which seeded the creation of your planet, Galactic forces from other solar systems, Ascended Masters who once walked the Earth and Inner Earth who once resided upon the Earth surface). Each of these civilizations reached a point of advancement beyond where you are now due to their connection and support of higher realms.

Each of these advanced civilizations failed due to their disconnect to the higher realms that maintained and sustained them. The human mind (through its freedom of choice and will) thought it could be and do it a better way.  As a result of the higher realms disconnect many of these civilizations went into interior and external conflict/wars. Not unlike your recent patterns of behavior. 

As a result of their advanced weaponry, the surface of the planet became not a pleasant place to sustain life. As a result of this, many of these civilizations were given dispensation through our Council to shift to a higher frequency of existence and create a new reality, a higher vibrational world within the core/interior of this planet. The purpose of this action is so that humanity will have a sustained path to its destiny/destination of divinity.  At present, unknown to most of humanity on the surface, there are many advanced civilizations within the core of this planet supporting your advancement on the surface. The goal is that when humanity on the surface is consciousness enough the two inner and surface worlds will join in Oneness (fully connected to higher realms) in order to advance the evolutionary process of humanity as a whole.

The channel we are coming through at present and his brethren at the so named Angel News Network are evolutionary members of The Great White Brotherhood in serve to this Council.   The energies of the I Am Presence and Christ Consciousness (your eternal higher selves) empower this brethren-hood and are the God-given tools of this Council of Creation.

In Eternal Support and Love of Humanity,
The Council of Creation

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