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JOURNEY OF THE AWAKENED HEART: Discovering Who You Are and Why You Are Here

Welcome to Journey of the Awakened Heart

Discovering Who You Are and Why You Are Here

Teachings of Archangel Michael

with Jeff Fasano  

Message from Archangel Michael
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Open to the Joy of Life

Remain in a place of the excitation of living life.

Move into the depth and breadth of the spontaneity of your heart space and look at the excitation as you walk on the pathway of moving towards world service.

See what door opens next.

It is important that you now live the process you know as life.

Live it!

Open to the joy of life.

Open to the joy of What is in your life.

Not to the absence of what isn't.

What are my talents and gifts right now where I am right now?
What is in my life right now?

The challenge is to fully release the old and step into the unknown with your talents and gifts.

The question we have for you is:

Are you ready?

Release now seeking where to go utilizing the assertive energy and remain on the pathway to see those coming to you and the doorways as they open.

You then can meet them to move through these doorways together. Move into your intuition to see where you need to be, a specific vortex perhaps at a certain place and time.

"It is from your heart that you will live life and the only place from where you can share you with the world. It is where the essence of you resides."

You are at a place where you may be standing at the edge of the cliff and looking for all those around you to gather at the bottom of the cliff so that when you jump you will know that everyone will be there and it will be familiar to you.

Each of you has a note that is within the soul and it is community, harmony and equality. Each of you is an individual yet there has always been the intention to return to the family or home. Home being what resonates and vibrates within the depth of your heart where joy, peace, love, equality, harmony, and community exist.

A place where no one is better nor worse than another. We are just who we are and accepted for who we are innately in the depth and breadth of our heart. And we are here together in harmony, community and equality. This is "The We" and the new soul family and what you call "home".

Home is what resonates in the depth and breadth of your heart that is simply acceptance and compassion for you, who you are and your essence. When you reach there you will know love. Not so much love of another nor love of self. Love is not something that is tangible, that you can hold on to or control and manipulate. It is not love of another or love of self for these are mere tangible explanations of the energy that is love. The God force, the Christ consciousness, the I Am.

Love is a frequency, a vibration in the depth of your true beingness, the essence of you. It is not tangible. You cannot smell it, taste it, hear it, touch it, see it or feel it, it is a resonance, there is no drama or glamour to it, it is simply a beingness. A connection to the Christ Consciousness of love that resides in each and every wonderful and glorious soul who inhabits your planet. It is time if you so choose to connect to this. 

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Closing Message from Archangel Michael
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

A New Perspective of You

Each and everyone one of you is moving on an individual pathway where you are opening up to new avenues, tributaries, new happenstance and life is beginning to change for you. New doorways are opening, old doorways are closing and you are looking at your life with a brand new perspective. You are looking for change in your life, looking for a new perspective or looking at your life from a brand new perspective from inside the depth and breadth in your heart space.

This perspective lies inside the depth and breadth of your heart space. It does not lie outside of you, it is in the depth and breadth of you, it is the essence of you, the wonderfulness of you, the beautifulness of you.

It is now about a brand new perspective of self so you can move out on the pathway into the unknown with a new perspective of who you are to lead you to another aspect as to why you are here. It is now about gaining a new perspective of self and opening up to it to open up to the full beingness of you, the full greatness of you.

It is not so much about looking outside of you. Many of you are looking outside of you and seeing a mirror. It is about looking at what the mirror is reflecting back at you with a new perspective. 

Looking at yourself with a new perspective of self that is in direct relationship with what the mirror is reflecting back at you. It is seeing that mirror for who you are, not what others outside of you say you are. Not looking for gratification and validation from outside of you from the perspective of others. It is about seeing, honoring and valuing yourself from your perspective of you.

What is this?
What is the perspective you have of yourself?
Is this shifting and changing so you can walk on the pathway into the unknown with this new perspective of you?
Are you looking for change?

Each and everyone of you has re-examined the depth and breadth of you. You have done this to a certain point, continually examining yourself. It is now time to release shame and judgment, criticizing the self and the continuous examination of self. It is time to now move to a point of seeing your perspective of you in relationship to the world outside of you and what you say you want. Redefine yourself and define what you say you want in your life through the perspective of self. This is directly related to how you are living your life and the life you are leading. There is a direct relationship with your perspective of self and the life you are leading outside of you. Many of you know this.

It is now time to look at the examination of self. Are you continually criticizing and examining yourself through judgment and shame? Looking at what might be wrong, what I need to learn, focusing on the examination of what may be there, what might not be there. It is time to gain a new perspective of yourself by looking at your accomplishments, what you have done up to now in your life and seeing how far you have come in your personal process. Begin now to look at your wonderfulness, your greatness, the beautifulness of the self and release the constant examining of the self.

It is now important to refine and define you from a new perspective that is based in loving, honoring and valuing you. Look at your perspective of yourself and your relationship to yourself through loving, honoring and valuing yourself. Look at your accomplishments. Look at where you are in your life.

Are you looking at where you are in your life through examining yourself?

Can you now see where you are and look at the new doorways that can open to bring your greatness to the world, to bring your beautifulness to the world? As opposed to looking at what you haven’t done yet and examining what you haven’t done yet based upon the self introspection of why you haven’t done it yet? This is part of the personal process but you can get stuck in this place.

Can you have a new perspective of yourself with loving, honoring and valuing yourself through your heart space? Seeing what you have accomplished up to this moment in time and set new goals for yourself? You do this through loving, honoring and valuing you.
The new goals that I am setting for myself are based upon what I want to give to myself and how much I love, honor and value me because it is time to do this. It is time to express myself, it is time for me to be fully who I am through honoring, valuing and loving me. 

We come to you at this wonderful and most glorious time to tell you, you are loved, you are honored and you are valued. 


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