Monday, May 4, 2015

ACTIVATE YOUR SOUL PLAN! Impeccability of the Word

Angel Answers & Actions


From Archangel Uriel, World Teacher and Guardian

Dear Humans of the World we love and support,

Your word, the word, is the most powerful gift given to humanity and is the tool of Creation. It is time you remember this truth, if you so choose.

At this time within your planetary and personal processes, the distortion and abuse of your/the word, the nonimpeccability of your/the word, has become an invasive and pervasive destructive force in your lives. Can you see (the consequence) the world of duality/separation/confrontation your behavior creates? Would you like to choose another choice?

Your word is a reflection/mirroring of your relationship with self. Are you having a loving relationship with yourself? Since it has become a “cultural norm” to speak untruths regularly, your highest good and soul plan (reason to be here) are not being supported.

As a result of your often accepting the nonimpeccability of the word, you are being controlled by others; you are giving your power away. The word is creation that is the power bestowed upon you. Through the abuse of the word, how you deliver the word, and your freedom of choice and will, you have created the world you have now.

Dear ones, you can begin to make another choice, to accept the power of the word that reflects your soul plans, divinity, and create a world of equality, harmony, and balance. When there is not responsibility for the impeccability of the word and how you deliver it, your consequence is what you see now in your personal and planetary lives.

Can you accept with compassion how powerful you are? This is a core issue, dear ones. Do you love yourself enough to reflect that out into your world? There are no mandates here. You will learn from your choices until you make another choice.

Dear ones, begin to hold yourself, your government, religions, and corporate leaders accountable to the impeccability of the word. Demand it; create a consequence when it is not honored.

It is your destiny and divine right to create a new world of oneness. If you so choose, allow your word to reflect your divinity in its delivery and truth. This is another core issue for you. What do you choose?



By Phillip Elton Collins

Where did authenticity,
And integrity,

Did they run away because
They have no place to go or be?
Was it because the we got lost.
In the me?

In advanced civilizations
Everyone is telepathic,
So transparency prevents deceit,
And all meet in authentic celebrity.

The governments, religions and corporations
That think they control the world
Are lacking truth, and stacking untruths,

People often say one thing,
And do another,
Confounding and confusing even one another.

There is much deceit,
And denial of that deceit,
Keeping us incomplete.

Truth is,
Governance is more effective
When we truly care,
And wish to share the truth.

None of us has all the answers,
Let’s simply ask what others need,
And execute deeds
Of the highest good of all.

Let us leave the old paradigm
Of fear, greed, and control,
And mold a new reality
Based on authenticity and integrity,

And finally leave the old.

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