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THE ASCENSION HANDBOOK Discourse Seven: Long For God With All Your Heart






Discourse Seven


Joel: I see the value of celebrating Ascension now. However, I was a little confused when you said in the last discourse that we think of Ascension as something we are going to arrive at in the future as opposed to something occurring now. All the spiritual teachings I have read speak about Ascension as a goal we are aspiring to, not a state that exists now.

For example, in The Seven Sacred Flames by Aurelia Louise Jones, Adama estimates that there might be a few million people out of nearly seven billion people on the planet who would ascend by the year 2012. He says “none of you will be lifted into the Ascension Process until you have met all of the requirements and have reached this frequency in your consciousness no matter how long it takes in the cycles of time.” So the teachings I have seen refer to Ascension as something we are aspiring to, not something we have already achieved. That is why I am confused.

Two Marys: Indeed. It is a common conundrum. Let us discuss what it truly means to be at choice in the now. That is the crux of the distinction we made. To be at choice in the now literally means that one has achieved certain states of consciousness. It is not to say that Ascension is happening now if one is in their ego practicing duality. Then they are not in their Ascension now. They are actively choosing duality. That is their choice, but that is not the proper consciousness to experience Ascension in the now.

Experiencing your Ascension now requires using the tools that will get you to the place where you choose to remove DUALITY from your consciousness. It is about practicing rituals and tools that EXPAND YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS AND INCREASE YOUR FREQUENCYsuch as breath, movement and sound and meditations such as the glorious meditations in The Seven Sacred Flames. These are practices or rituals that create the environment of that now “still point,” that place where all possibility lies.   

Beloved Joel, beloved students, it is most challenging for humans who have not ascended, to understand the concept of “still point” where all possibility and all probability is. You are a most intelligent human being, beloved Joel; can you see how completely unknown that place is for you?

J: Yes, I only have a vague idea of what that is.

M: Indeed. It only comes through diligent practice. That place of being in the now is fleeting for even very adept spiritual students. A large part of what the Two Marys’ conversation for humanity is about is: Yes, we know the experience of the still point is fleeting at this time for you. If and when you choose with utter passion, utter longing in your heart to increase and to continue to expand your container beyond the mind, beyond the ego, and connect with the light body, then it will be understood. Then it becomes a simple, “Oh yes, we understand what this is. Let’s keep going.”
Until then, it is as if the now moment is something like a destination you are striving towards. Is the now moment available now? Indeed it is, but only when the student moves beyond the mind and utilizes their energy body as opposed to just their physical body in the 3rd dimension. And we must stress that the physical body in the 3rd dimension is a portal that one utilizes to enter the light body.

So Ascension is happening now. It is available now. It is your destiny now. The invitation is, will you join now? Ascension is in the present moment. It is in that still point, and simply practicing increasing your ability to be in the now moment is all that is required.

So we ask, how often do you experience yourself free in that now moment? Is it once a day, once a week? Is it occasionally, but you can’t remember the last time? When is it? For the discourse today is exactly the next step to this conversation. Is there more inquiry on the topic?

J: Thank you. I wanted to ask about something else you said last time that I don’t understand. You said, “In your imagination is it not actually true that in other time lines humanity has completely ascended? Indeed, it is true.” Can you clarify that statement?

M: That is a fabulous question, beloved Joel. We delivered that information for the purpose of creating peace of mind for the student. If it has already happened, how would you feel? How would you behave? If you knew it had already happened, you would feel a sense of confidence, of trust, of security, a quieting of the mind and the experience of joy and gratitude for the space.

The discourse for today is, fully feel and express deep in your heart the knowledge that Ascension has already happened. Fully feel, “Wow, it has already happened. I am already ascending. Feel the gratitude and joy of knowing, “I already have choice. I already have freedom.”

Now, we will deliver very important information here. The student must be willing to experience the longing in their hearts for that freedom, for that joy. In order for the student to truly feel the joy and gratitude that Ascension is happening now, they must embrace at the deepest primal level of their humanness the longing in their heart to return home, to be in that state of self-realization, to be in full communion with their I AM presence. The longing must be fervent. It must be potent. It must bring you to your knees. The longing, beloved, is the fuel. The longing is the road home.

It is time for humanity to experience their longing with all their hearts. The longing in humanity has been misplaced for quite some time. Longing has been misdirected into political longing, socio/economic longing, longing to conquer a territory, longing to obliterate a population, longing for all kinds of 3rd dimensional outcomes. And all of this is going on while the soul is longing for the owner/occupant of the body to wake up and say, “Oh, I understand now. My longing for God is everything. My longing for God is all that matters.”

Beloved students, God longs for you to be at peace and to experience Godness. And when the student experiences their longing in a pure, unsuppressed way, the door opens and they are immediately expanded into a new state of being that is at once familiar because it is the doorway home. At the same time there is a new sense of gratitude and ecstasy.

In your everyday lives there are fabulous ways to cultivate the recognition of the longing. Fervent prayer is perhaps the best means for humanity.  We mean by that the student is not simply reciting the words. The words, of course, open portals and create multi-dimensional process. However, there is more that can be utilized.

Part of today’s discourse is to invite the student to truly utilize being emotional with their prayers. Not emotional as in the ego dictating victimhood: “Oh please, dear Lord, deliver me from this horrible situation that I am in.” We are speaking of the pure heart emotional awareness such as: “Oh Lord, God of my being, without you I am nothing. Without you I have nothing. Without you I am trapped in illusion with no possibility of fulfillment ever. So dear Lord God of my being, I surrender to you with all of my intention, with all of my discipline, with all of my heart’s desire.”

There have been many teachings in ancient as well as modern times of the secrets of the power of prayer. The fundamental notion of the power of prayer is:


The Two Marys invite the student to be in your emotional body in your prayers. FEEL your heart’s desireswhether it is a prayer from a sacred book, whether it is your own individual prayer, whether you are praying to your I AM presence, whether you are praying to your source, whether you are praying to Gaia. Whatever your prayer is directed toward take into your physical body the GRATITUDE of the outcome, the gratitude of truth, such as, I know I belong to God. My truth is I am God.

This is the most challenging aspect of spiritual advancement:


Beloveds, when you start to experience even a small fraction of that truth, the ecstasy is unbelievable. So the Two Marys are counseling students that continuously applying the same tools over and over, year after year, will produce greater and greater consciousness. It is as if someone has handed you the keys to the vault. These are universal teachings. And when you realize you have been handed the keys to the vault, is there not great gratitude and joy? Indeed there is.

Our invitation is START PRACTICING WITH GREAT INTENSITY JOY, GRATITUDE AND THE KNOWLEDGE THAT YOU ARE GOD. The more you practice this, the more you will actually experience the different dimensions. You will start to see with your Third Eye these different temporalities, these different time wave-lengths and see humanity in them. Of course, God always brings you home. There is no separation. You are already home. 

Indeed, that will become clearer as you practice. If you choose to follow this direction, you are going to be more emotional.  Not stamping your feet like a small child and whining, when is our government going to blah, blah, blah? When is the world going to wake up and get it? Not that. That is ego. That is the lure of the illusion.

We are pointing to something completely different. We are saying be in the HEART. Let the heart lead. Feel your heart opening. Feel the tears as your heart truly opens. Feel the tightness in your chest as your heart opens. Feel and use your breath to keep your heart opening. Do not be afraid of the tears. They are tears of recognition. They are tears of knowing that you have always belonged, that you have always been God. 

The student will be weepy at times and unwilling to engage in conversations or activities outside of their spiritual truth or what they know their path to be. The weeping will be about gain, not about loss. The weeping will be about such relief that truth is finally showing up in your soul journey in a way that is real and palpable and in a way that will allow you to be complete in this lifetime.  You can then move off the wheel of Karma, which is the law of duality.

The expansion through the emotional body into the heart is mandatory for Ascension. Breath work, sound, chanting (particularly Sanskrit), certain musical instruments such as Tibetan bells and chakra bowls are all helpful. Moving the body, stretching, breathing and yoga postures are helpful as well. Moving through the emotional body deep into the heart is mandatory. Your truth is revealed, and you will know ecstasy.

One caution: Part of the ego wishes to disturb this process and wishes to say, “Enough feeling the heart. Enough tears.”  Be aware the ego will attempt to thwart your destiny. Do not trust those thoughts. They are products of the ego and the mental body.

Use your emotional responses to those thoughts as a portal into your heart. For example, if you’re thinking a limiting thought about your spiritual progress such as, I do not have time today to breathe, or I do not want to meditate today, stop to experience fully the feelings that go with those thoughts. Use your breath to disengage the mind and allow your body to integrate those feelings and thoughts. The breath will make that process easier. As one practices it becomes easier and easier.

You will feel resistance. The ego’s resistance is to remind you who you really are. Use your feelings to bring you back into your heart, back into your gratitude. When you have completed the breath work, you will feel the gratitude in your body and in your heart. You will experience it as bliss or ecstasy. This process may take three minutes or thirty. The more you practices the quicker it goes, the faster you can drop the ego, return to your heart space and move with that longing into your true self.

Students, there will be many things happening over the next several months and years. Do not deny your feelings. Amplify them through the breath. Your feelings are the portal. Underneath all anger, fear, terror, hatred and disregard is divine love. Our invitation is to jump in. Do not stick your foot in and pull it back and say, it’s too scary or stressful.

Indeed, the alternative to using your feelings and working with your breath will be agony. As we have said, the time is up for those seeking fulfillment to hold back. Students who decide not to utilize their breath and not to see and follow their feelings as a gateway to their heart will experience much suffering.

We are not here to stop suffering. We are here to allow those who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear to understand that their longing to be at one with their source is the most important thing. We are here to expedite and assist that process. We are here to provide you with a timeless, infinite process so that no matter what you are experiencing or feeling, you can open this book to any page, read just a paragraph, close the book, feel your feelings, use your breath and experience yourself transmuting into a higher order of integration, into ecstasy and into your heart space.

We understand that while all are chosen, only a small fraction will continue to choose. That is perfectly acceptable. As we said, we love to remind humanity of the hundredth monkey. It is absolutely true that when a certain amount—and it is a small fractionof the population “gets it,” a phenomenon occurs and everyone gets it.

This is, of course, has been proven in quantum science and written about widely. It is called anthropomorphic resonance. So students, be a member of that small causal fraction stepping up and saying, “Yes, I understand. I don’t need my mother, father, sister, brother or lover to get it. I only need to be one tiny fraction of a small portion of the population to get it, and all humanity gets the gift.

Think about it. In the time of our beloved Jesus, only a small fraction of the population got it, and look how today people are still getting it. Consider the Buddha and his ability to speak and build a following. The entire world was not connected to the internet listening to the Buddha with everyone getting it simultaneously. Yet, today, people who practice the universal truth the Buddha spoke of are getting it.

Therefore, we implore the students, relax about what everyone else is doing. Be the odd man or woman out. As you say, you’d better believe it you are the odd man out, and that is fabulous. Through anthropomorphic resonance you, your dolphin friends, and many, many other invisible entities are all assisting and creating that field, and all humanity gets it. And yes, beloveds, it can happen in an instant.

We wish to acknowledge that since you, the student, have arrived at this particular place in this particular discourse, it is time for you to be truly recognized.
You have been choosing. You have been chosen. Let go of any notion of how this should be. Recognize that a small portion of the entire population creates the shift and then everything shifts.

We recommend you start to confront the truth that the Gaia has already shifted on the energetic dimension and that these transformational occurrences are now manifesting in the physical 3rd dimension for the Gaia. The student has the ability to utilize their connection with the Gaia through their imagination and to anchor themselves in that reality that Gaia has already shifted. If the Gaia has already shifted, if your home on your spaceship Earth has already shifted on the energetic level, can you accept the notion that you also have already shifted on the energetic level? It’s simply a process of integrating that into the 3rd dimension, much as your Gaia is integrating on the 3rd dimension.

There will be more changes for the Gaia, and she has every capability of integrating these changes. Use that as your mirror, beloved students. Accept that you have already done the work on the etheric level. If you are here in this conversation, it is true that you have shifted. It is time to integrate the shift into the 3rd dimension and let the 3rd dimension be the portal to take you forward with the shift. 

The grace of the 5th dimension is infinite. We invite you to breathe that grace into your body. Allow that grace to nourish you constantly. You do not need to wrap your mind around that. Let your body remember it. Your spiritual DNA remembers grace. Your heart knows it as a simple truth. Utilize grace as the giant mystery that your mind cannot wrap around but delivers you home.

Indeed, count on the miracle of grace. If you are practicing, there will be grace. If you are following belonging in your heart, grace shows up.


That would be a great bumper sticker for your automobiles. Just because you don’t understand universal law doesn’t mean it’s not working. It is working. It is working in your life. It is working with humanity. It is working on your planet. Universal law works. So, beloveds, grace moves you. You practice. Grace arrives. Start to enjoy the grace that is showing up. Let your heart move your emotional body.

It is almost as if the heart must massage the emotional body through all its kinks and sore places and boo boos. Allow it. Allow the tears. Allow the heart to feel as if it is breaking. It will not break. It is simply breaking the constraints that you have placed upon it for millennia.  Allow it to hurt. Allow the hurt to remind you, you’re going home.

Our greatest joy, beloveds, is to assist you in returning to your true spiritual home, your true I AM presence. For the student who reaches this point, know that the entire 5th dimension is rejoicing. Know that we, indeed, are inspired by your courage. Know that we are with you. We are your best cheerleaders.
Know that we still acknowledge that most of humanity does not utilize the 5th dimension to its full extent and capability. That will come in time for some and then for all with practice.

Emotionalizing your outcomes becomes normal, easy, becomes, as you say, no big deal. Yet, it is mandatory.  Emotionalize your prayers. Be fervent. Put 100% of yourself into your invocations. Invoke with everything you have, and then invoke some more. The blessings are bountiful. You will be delivered.

J: You clarified how to maintain a connection with source so beautifully.

M: This particular teaching is not unique; however, it is timely. Humanity is so distracted with the day-to-day pulling apart of the 3rd dimension and that is understandable. We have been human, and we understand the lure of those distractions. However, the more one emotionalizes outcomes, the less those distractions distract.

Imagine what happens to anthropomorphic resonances when enough people fervently pray to see their government as whole and capable. Imagine what happens. We have witnessed through your amazing You Tube on your fabulous internet instances where simply through chanting to the patient, “You are whole, you are whole,” tumors disappear in only minutes. How? By acknowledging that simple truth and leaving behind the dualistic notion that the patient was not whole.

Since you are God, beloved, does it not make sense that you can perform any so-called miracle? Of course, for the 5th dimension these are not miracles at all. This is simply trafficking in universal law and universal truths. For humanity they are called miracles, as indeed they were when we walked on planet Earth. Miracles are simply what are true.

So, students, begin to practice simply. Start with small baby steps. Perhaps you have a physical ailment. Start reciting, “I am whole, I am whole” when that ailment occurs. Perhaps you have an injury that hurts in your back. When the back hurts start saying, “I am whole, I am whole.” Being whole is being here in the now. It is the same thing.

There are those on your planet who understand this so-called secret who practice and teach it. That, of course, is what we did in the times of Jesus with his so-called laying on of hands. He was simply inviting them, invoking them, into the reality that they were whole. Some of the words have not been bastardized in your bible. If you read the words he spoke, you can surely see that is what he was saying, doing and being:



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