Friday, May 8, 2015

MOTHER'S DAY 5-10-15 Received by Phillip Elton Collins


Received By Phillip Elton Collins, 
Co-founder of the Angel News Network


Dear Beloved Children, being so human,

For many eons your world has been ruled and seemingly controlled by the masculine energy, the assertive energy which has chosen to largely diminish the feminine energy, the receptive energy. At this crucial time of your planetary and human species ascension process we would like to introduce ourselves to many of you. We are your Cosmic Mother, responsible to the planetary logos forces which maintain and sustain your planet.  We are here to assist you in balancing the masculine and feminine energies which is a vital balancing that needs to take place in order for you to evolve into your oneness and divinity. Let us further explain how and why this is taking place.

Dear children, still often attempting to control one another, your reason to be here, your ‘golden goal’, your primary purpose in being on this planet is to learn to love self, one another in in order to be in world service.

Through the balancing of these two vital masculine and feminine cosmic energies and you committing to your spiritual growth as a life priority, you can and will achieve LOVE INCARNATE. When the masculine and feminine energies are balanced they create a vibration of consciousness which can levitate and manifest equality, harmony and balance.  The basis of your duality, separation and confrontation at present is the result of the imbalance of these forces of creation. Have you learned enough from the absence of this balance to accept your divinity at this time?

Our Cosmic Mother consciousness/energy expresses itself in freedom, equality and liberty for all life on this planet. We have come to you many times in the past through the ‘Mary Energies’ expressed in your goddesses, spiritual leaders, and deities within many of your religious and spiritual doctrines.. An essential way to connect with us now is through your knowing and loving heart; to begin to think with your heart, as your believing mental body moves back into service to your knowing heart. Your heart has stored within its DNA from all lifetimes all the wisdom your need to embrace your Cosmic Mother and create the life you say you want; one of unity. We are not suggesting eliminating the mostly masculine mental body; we are speaking of balance which the universal laws of creation require. As you look at your world around you, you can easily see the lack of balance preventing equality, and harmony. What we speak of is the core issue, an essential aspect that needs to shift in order to move forward.

When the energies of freedom, equality and liberty are lovingly expressed individually within enough of humanity, to create a quantum shift, the entire vibration of the planet and humanity will rise to a level where the atoms and electrons within your physical bodies will speed up (matching that of the planet) allowing you to evolve into your immortality and divinity. Disease, aging and death will become a thing of the past. So, is it worth it to now begin to ‘listen to your mother’, your Cosmic Mother?

You can and will, if you so choose, join the ascended masters, the angelic realms, Inner Earth Civilizations, the Star Systems the seeded your planet and other higher hosts through something called the magnetic Law Of Attraction (what you focus on through your emotions and thoughts you create). You are the Creator creating, you know? How, what and when you create is expressed through your freedoms of choice and will, and activation of your divine soul plans. We cannot and will not do it for you.

As you fully focus your attention on your intention and lubricate the process with love (your reason to be here), you manifest into your life and world what it is you say you want; equality, harmony and balance. Bring your higher self, your I Am Presence, your Christ Consciousness (call it what you will) into the process. This will bring an electromagnetic energy into the process, like sticking a plug into an electric outlet.

Here another suggestion from your (cosmic) mother to assist you: Find a comfortable chair, seat yourself with your feet firmly connected to the floor (the Earth), and take a series of deep breathes to center yourself. Visualize an electromagnetic energy (you can see it as light or a sound or both), integrating throughout your entire physical body, emotionally and mentally too. Allow this to happen for several minutes, morning, noon and night. Your will be surprised and delighted how you feel and how differently you see life.

Dear children we know and understand how many of you feel and what you are experiencing, a final clearing and cleansing of your planet and selves.  We ask that you not be discouraged. We are simply sowing you the light at the end of the tunnel and further allowing you to have a fuller understanding of your evolution process. YOU ARE EVOVLING, incarnating into love, no matter how things look outside of yourselves.  Your ascension process is one of inside out, not outside in.  What you maintain and sustain inside you is vital. You actually signed on to this’ human contract’ and your Cosmic Mother intends to teach, love and support you all the way. Again, this is  a personal process you chose to do yourself, and your mother, nor no one else cannot do it for you.

Remember divine children of planet Earth, the love-er-versity  of love,  love is the frequency and foundation of all Creation, functioning in equality, harmony and balance. Love is the holistic healer. Love is life. Love is the cosmic substance of light out of which all is created. You are learning that enough love can transmute, transform, transition anything (including the world you are experiencing now). Mother Love is one of the purest expressions of love. We intend for you to know you came from this love, you are loved, you are lovable and you are destined to eternally live in love.

In closing, your Cosmic Mother ask that you bring from your loving hearts into your world a compassion for self and one another, an attitude of gratitude for what is in your lives rather than what is not, to honor, to do no harm to your planet and human bodies, as one, and to further allow wisdom to come from higher realms…

Your Loving Cosmic Mother, at this time of the MOTHER’S DAY, knowing your best is yet to be…


“M” is for the Many things you gave me, not the lease of life.

“O” is for your Other worldly unconditional love.

“T” is for the Terrific sense of human and Tenderness when I was needy.

“H” is for how Happy I am I chose you as my mother.

“E: is for Everything I am trying to say, leaving most things out.

“R” is for your Readiness to be present, to make things fun when I did not know what that was.


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