Thursday, May 7, 2015

THE ASCENSION HANDBOOK Discourse Six: Claim Your Ascension Now






Discourse Six


Be aware that your mind will tell you anything about what Ascension actually is. Your mind has already decided Ascension is something not here, not now. Has it not? Your mind has already decided Ascension must be some sort of destination, some sort of place to GET TO.

It is as if the mind becomes an instant, should, could, would machine hammering ideas and notions about things being certain ways. It has a potent lock on what reality is. So if your mind has decided that Ascension is someplace to get to, that means that you have NOT decided to CLAIM YOUR ASCENSION NOW.

Ascension should happen after what? Why after? Why not now? The student must be willing to ask: Why do I think that? Is that infinitely true or just true in my ego? How is it true? Am I resonating with joy, bliss, grace, gratitude, ecstasy or something else?

By claiming your Ascension now you are choosing to harvest your BLISS now, and you are choosing thoughts that are aligned with becoming more, with integrating more, with surrendering more.  

Harvesting your bliss is an exercise that, if you choose, can authentically change every relationship from the inside out. Imagine what would happen in groups, work places, families, schools, communities and governments when no matter what the other person is experiencing, the context in which the entire engagement occurs is: I am supporting you in harvesting your bliss now, and I am harvesting my bliss now.

We have mentioned in previous discourses that these teachings about Ascension will always resonate with all other teachings from the 5th dimension. A particular teaching resonates here from beloved Archangel Michael, which is that the individual is either having what they want, or they are SUPPRESSING an emotion.

By harvesting your bliss now, you are EXPERIENCING an emotion that will, indeed, manifest what you desire--your Ascension now. 

The notion that humans have ALREADY ascended is one we propose at this time. Beloved students, in your imagination is it not true that in other time lines humanity has completely ascended? Indeed, it is true.

J: That is very hard for most of us to wrap our heads around.

M: Beloved Joel and beloved students, it is not possible to wrap your minds around that statement. We invite you to not even try.

We invite you, instead, to celebrate, even if it were only a game, that within yourselves you EXPERIENCE the joy and the peace of celebrating the idea that humanity has already ascended. On some level, somewhere, it has already happened. In the imagination it has already occurred.


Again we invite you, claim your Ascension now. Indeed, you have free will. You can back yourself away and say, until my mental mind can wrap itself around this, I cannot participate in this. We say, indeed you can participate. Simply enter the vibrational stage. It is as simple as if the frequencies were a piece of clothing that you put on. We are saying discard the notion of some enormous mental complexity and enter the frequency now.

J: So you’re telling us to accept that our Ascension has already happened.

M: Indeed. That is what we are inviting you to do. Celebrate Ascension now. It is not somewhere else. It is now. Beloveds, the more you celebrate Ascension now, the more awakenings occur, the more that the constructs that were limiting and restraining fall away, the more the shackles from earlier egoistic states fall away. So the invitation is, celebrate your Ascension now.

See how many moments of bliss you can sponsor for humanity, for the cosmos. I am a human being having an experience, and I am choosing to harvest my bliss now.  I am choosing to not know certain things about all of this. I am choosing to question what I even think I might know so that I can be more neutral, more present and harvest more bliss. For remember, when a human being is harvesting their bliss, they are granting cosmic permission to expand and move into higher orders of integration.

It is time for humans to stop minimizing their contribution to the cosmos. They have been taught and shamed that they are such tiny particulates in the cosmic dance. That is not accurate. There is no hierarchy per se. It is time for humans to feel EXCITED about the level of contribution they are invited to have. Remember that your work as a human is the work of the cosmos. They are the same.

It is time for humanity; it is time for you as an ascending human being, to start appreciating the extent to which you participate in the divine plan. We invite you to celebrate your Ascension and appreciate your participation. Have a sense of humor about your daily follies. There will be follies and there will be falls from grace, so to speak. Create intimacy and humor with yourself. Protect both the humor and the sacred, quiet place beyond your mind.

There is a magnificent place beyond the mind where humor actually is created. That is one reason we suggest using a great deal of humor. It is a doorway into the mind from beyond the mind.

If you do not feel or have humor, take advantage of how much creativity is going on in your 3rd dimension and expose yourself to it through your internet or your friends and relations. It is most important to engage with great humor.

The ability to laugh creates the flexibility to move beyond the mind. There is often unconscious resistance to receiving new information or new truth, which can be neutralized or eliminated through humor. So students you will often hold unconscious resistance that you may not realize is there. It is as if we are conditioning an athlete for a great Olympic event, and we must condition all the different aspects of your being. Humor is part of the daily workout along with breath, movement and sound.

Again, to stay integrated, practice using humor, practice harvesting your bliss now, and claim your Ascension now. The more you choose your ecstasy, the more you choose to harvest your bliss now, the more you surrender, the more all cosmic consciousness expands.

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