Saturday, March 7, 2020


                                          A VICIOUS VIRUS JOINS HUMANITY

By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

Nothings happens on this planet (Divine Plans) without a cause and effect, often affecting change. It most recently happened with the HIV virus but that initially affected a group of people that some judged less than. But when it spread to everyone feelings changed.

 We now have another virus that initially affects everyone worldwide. It began in one of the most repressed, lack of human rights country in the world, China.  But is quickly spreading (a virus with no borders) everywhere. It is humanity (even though it came from animals) itself that is the spreader, the messenger.  

As our world is consumed in fear, we might ask what is the meaning, value and purpose of these pandemics? First, we need to know there is no such thing as death and that we merely shift from our physical bodies to our eternal spiritual formats.  Once we know this, we can begin to see that such events as this one is unifying us as a human species and reminding us how interdependent we are of one another. That what affects one, affects all.

Often it takes natural disasters and/or health crisis to bring us together since most of our time is spent in separation, fighting, and competing.  These seemingly ‘acts of god’ are not here to punish us but to wake us up. To remind us we are spiritual beings having this human experience and we are here to love and support one another.

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