Friday, March 6, 2020


St. Germain 4/3/2017
Greeting beloved students:
We come to you at this time of ascension within your planet, connecting the macro to the micro and how the macro to the micro relates to this particular project: from the beginning of creation to the inspiration of the creation of this solar system, this planet, the life forms upon the planet, the nations that were created and ultimately what the meaning, value and purpose of the creation of democracy is and how that fits into the soul plan of creation and the planet herself.
Prior to getting into that we wish you to place you hand upon your heart, beloved student, and remember, I am the living, moving being through the eternal I Am presence, Christ Consciousness and Violet Flame within myself. Remember this mantra as you go through your day and connect this mantra containing the eternal presence of the I Am, the Christ Consciousness and the Violet Flame. Connect that with the feminine energy on your particular planet at this time, which is in the process of balancing the masculine energy, and remember it is those energies--the I Am presence, the Christ Consciousness and the Violet Flame--that actually allow the creation and the reproduction of humanity on this planet itself.
What is exactly taking place at this time through the power of the women of the world is the birthing of the balance of the feminine with the masculine connected to the I Am presence and connected to the Christ Consciousness and Violet Flame, which are the eternal divine essences within yourself. Through your subjugation of the feminine energy for eons upon this particular planet, those particular forces have been subjugated as well. That is why the love, equality, harmony and balance that is needing to come into your world will be led and manifested through the feminine energy.
So take a deep breath and absorb this. Join the feminine energy, if you so choose, and resonate with in their voices being heard and the continued subjugation of them throughout this nation and the world through the masculine energy. This is coming to an end. This is no longer acceptable to the goddess feminine energy at this particular time. It is becoming a core element within the salvation of and the protection of something called democracy--democracy based upon love, equality, harmony and balance.
So having said this, I realize you wish to have a discussion about the foundation of this project. It appears that you, in your vernacular, have already got it. The foundation is the connection of the macro to the micro. So you will begin with the creation story itself and how creation came about, through the twelve star systems seeding and beginning this particular planet and what the mission of this planet is, learning to love through being a lover-versity and realizing you are in the process of graduating and learning how to manifest and utilize the energy, the consciousness of love through a nation called the United States of America, through the principles and the foundations of the checks and balances that were gifted to you from we of the higher realms.
You are having a lot of material and we will continue to gather a lot of material which will help fill in the blanks of the narrative, if you will, of the macro/micro story. What is happening energetically is that you are waking up to the creative forces of creation which are the foundation of these United States of America through the awakening of the I Am presence, the Christ Consciousness and the Violet Flame which are within the seven discourses.
For the moment, know that you have the foundation in play, know that you understand it and know that in some way all of the information that you need already exists. It’s a matter of pulling and pulling from various sources as you lay out the pieces of the puzzle and and allow the picture to come forward, and the picture is love, equality, harmony and balance. These are innately within your divine essence through the creation of yourselves, and being human and through the creation of the planet herself and through the creation of the nation called the United States of America.

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