Friday, March 20, 2020


                                              THE PANDEMIC OF 2020

(From Ascended Master St Germain via channel Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network).

Beloved Humans upon the surface of this laboratory of learning to love, Planet Earth, I come to you during a time of fear and confusion for some. You have had many pandemics throughout your history in being human. Each of them has served a purpose in advancing your species into a higher frequency of existence. Since you can really never die but only transform into your eternal spiritual format, each time those of you who ‘died’ as a result of these pandemics were serving as proxies for humanity to advance.

The mission of your current pandemic is to assist further in the burning through of the veil of unconsciousness that separates the dense dimension within which you reside (3D) in now and where we of the ascended
masterships reside (5D). It is your destiny to ascend into the higher realms where we reside and we are a pathway to your divine destination.

When the so- called Corona (meaning celestial body extending in space) virus, recently re-appeared (it had been here for eons) it came through animal to human transmission.  This vehicle of transmission is further assisting humans with their need to kill so many species, when those species came here to support humanity’s ability to be here. Their original intention was not to serve as food.

 This will be challenging for many, but as you experience this current pandemic filled with uncharted challenges not only to your health but the economic foundations (false gods)  of your cultures do not see it as a punishment or a frightening loss of human life or treasure , but know it as a  unifying tool for your advancement. Remember dear humans, no soul leaves your world one moment before its appointment hour.  And you are discovering unlike ever before ‘what affects one, affects all’. And you are beginning to remember you came from the same Source as diversified version of one another often in disguise. Now if you so choose love and support one another.

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