Monday, March 16, 2020


By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

Just imagine experiencing 30+ years ago a pandemic like the one we are having now. But your government and many people around seemed not to care as your community and colleagues around you died.  That was the AID’s pandemic and we still don’t have a cure. But we do have a maintenance treatment., often with severe side effects.

The government and some people did not care because they believed the people effected were less than and needed to be punished. These thoughts and feeling delayed any progress in determining the cause of the deadly disease as it spread to the population at large. Once it became a worldwide pandemic, things changed and prevention programs and treatments were developed.

 Like many others I lived through that first pandemic filled with fear, being alone and feeling unloved and like you now we are experiencing this new threat together. I am thankful what is happening now is not like the pandemic then. We are uniting as a human species, helping one another with as little fear as possible and forcing our governments to support our needs, as we gather and share as much prevention information as possible.

It appears we have learned from the past and know not to fully repeat it. We are mastering what affects one, affects all. We are globally in this thing called being human together; knowing we came from the same source, being diversified version of one another.

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