Wednesday, April 29, 2015

ACTIVATE YOUR SOUL PLAN! What Caused the Downfall of Past Golden Ages?

by Phillip Elton Collins


From Archangel Uriel, World Teacher and Guardian, and Gaia, Mother Earth

Dear Beloved Golden Agers,

It was the lack of trust and love of higher realms that created the disconnect from the energies and wisdoms that powered all past six golden ages and caused their demise. This lack of trust and love was a reflection of the relationship with self.

Dear ones, you are now experiencing the final two-thousand-year cycle of your planet in order to create a final golden age of oneness that will be supported by the same higher-realm forces as in the past, through your freedom of choice and will, a gift from Source that can never be taken from you. You can ultimately decide which path of learning to choose. You have not always chosen the easy path. Many civilizations throughout the universe do not have a freedom of choice and will; they work directly with Source without question. You have been given this “gift” as an essential aspect of an experiment in diversity on this planet, to learn to love self, others, and all elements equally.

Many multiverse forces came together to create your world. It was not created by random evolution, as many believe. When you truly arrive at the truth of your origin, this will set you free from many of the belief systems you have now that have kept you in duality and separation.

One of the many forces that came to this planet was the concept of the human mind. Within this mind was housed an alter ego infused with your freedom of choice and will. This “mental body” is largely fed by an energy you call the assertive masculine. Another force you were gifted with was your “emotional body” fed by an energy you call the receptive feminine. Since the downfall of your last golden age (Atlantis), you have been struggling ever since to balance these two masculine and feminine energies.

The balance of these two creative cosmic forces is essential at this time. Their imbalance is the reason for much of your duality, separation, and confrontation; thus, the need for their balancing.

Prior to the full activation of the mental and emotional bodies, you trusted and loved the higher realms from whence you came and who maintained and sustained your advanced civilizations. You daily allowed yourselves to receive ALL THERE IS. Then, as an aspect of your divine soul plan, you decided, through your freedom of choice and will, to do it your way. Over a period of eons, you began to fully not trust (not receive) that there was a Source mightier than yourself giving you all you needed. You then lost the direct connection completelyAn important aspect of your soul plans was to get as far from that Source as possible, to fully experience life without it, in order to gain your way back to it (coming home).

Dear ones, the purpose in all this was to prepare you to become the master teachers of this world and universe. Since you were experiencing every aspect of creation (what is and what is not), you are preparing yourselves for whatever you may need to be who you are and act upon why you are here.

So, in effect, your gift of freedom of choice and will has been your greatest learning tool. You are now realizing you do not have to learn this way any longer. You are realizing that by reconnecting, trusting, and loving higher realms, you can with grace and ease complete your soul plans of master teachership in order to be in service to your world and other worlds.

Through the many messages and teachings that are coming to you during this extraordinary period in your planet’s advancing, ascending history, you now can return to a permanent state of being by fully embodying and embracing your divinity through the creation of your final seventh golden age.

The reason this will be the final golden age is due to the reality that your planet’s time to ascend and return to a body of light has come. Thus, in turn, all upon and within the planet’s body will transcend into the higher frequency of light, as well. You came from light; you shall return to light and then decide what to create again!

This lesson of trust and love is upon you, dear ones. Those who can integrate that of which we speak now have a marvelous experience ahead of them. Those who do not will take however many lifetimes you need, through your freedom of choice and will, to learn what you need to learn.

What do you choose?

Many of you are weary of the old ways of learning and are ready—through the trust and love of self, other, all elements on your planet, and higher realms—to create a new paradigm of equality, harmony, and balance.

Take a deep breath, dear ones, and ask your mental body to return in service to your knowing, loving heart filled with trust of the WE. Know, dear ones, your heart is an out-picturing of the higher realms that have supported and loved you for eons. Are you ready to trust and love us again as a reflection of your trust and love of self? There is an amazing world for us to co-create together. Are you ready?

By Phillip Elton Collins

When man became sense conscious 
Instead of Creator Conscious
A lack of conscious was created, then.

When hu-MAN-ity began to identify itself 

With part of the Whole
Instead of the goal of the Whole,
A new imperfect role began.

Through freedom of choice and will 

Mankind soon discovered 
Limitation was the result of 
The misuse of free will.
Man was now compelled to live 

Within his own creation, until

He soon remembers his noble birth

 From the Great Source of All, 
Then can choose to reconnect, 
And recover from his great Fall. 

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