Sunday, December 27, 2015


Channeled by Robert Baker


By operating through the heart. The heart is the synchronistic pattern of the soul. Everything in the earth plane is synchronized to the heartbeat of the earth. The heartbeat of the earth moves at a certain number of hertz or vibrations per second. And the human body, based upon the heart, is synchronized with the heartbeat of the earth. That's why when you go into nature you calm down and you feel at peace. The heart feels at peace and opens because you are synchronizing with the heartbeat of the earth. So allow your heart to lead you because the heart is the doorway to the soul. The heart is the intuitive organ that relates directly to communication from the soul. The soul is the divine aspect of being that governs the law of synchronicity in physical matter.

Love is a force of creation, a force of being. Learning to love means learning to awaken, realize, accept, express and experience in the fullest way possible the experience, expression and potential of your being as an individual. The divine plan is to learn to love, to learn to embody love by expressing the truth of your being as an individual in all of its knowledge, all of its expression, all of its experience and all of its form.

Most define love as a feeling of affection or a sentiment. That's love attached to a feeling. That is part of what love is. They're in the process of expressing love, expressing who they are. You connect with others, and in that connection you feel certain feelings. You may feel compassion, affection, tenderness, closeness. Those are all attributes of the experience of love. But they are not what love is. 

They are all feelings that you experience in the expression or the experience of love, but they are not what love is. The core of what love is, is the expression of your being, the revelation of your being, showing and sharing all of who you are with life, with the world, with every other human being, with one individual human being. 

All of that is love.

Most people are locked in a stage of development that remains in infancy. They are locked in a codependent stage of development that has to do with motherly love, which is the expectation of unconditional love no matter what I am or what I do. So mother's unconditional love teaches an infantile love. I am loved and therefore I love.

But that's dependent upon if I am loved. If you remain locked in that condition, you remain in a state of narcissism where love is concerned. I have to be loved before I can love. Therefore, love is not dependent upon me. It is independent of me.

It relies upon someone else to make me feel that I'm safe, loved, cared for in order for me to then feel I can love the object in return. 

That's infantile love, a state of narcissistic love. It's just the beginning of learning what love is that the infant experiences, which makes the infant feel safe in the physical environment for the first time.

Then you move beyond that as you grow in childhood to learn what fatherly love is. Fatherly love teaches the child, under ideal circumstances, I can give love and by giving love I can produce love (which hardly ever happens because the father hasn't learned what love is either). The father is the one who takes it into the world and shows the child how to give of himself and share who he is, and by doing that produces the act of love, produces a reciprocal cycle.

Then moving into adolescence the child learns, under ideal circumstances, the experience of brotherly love. Brotherly love is the love of equality, the love of two individuals. Brotherly love says: You are an individual. I am an individual. I respect you as an individual and love who you are as you are, and you respect and love me as I am. I love you for your individuality, your individual expression, and I can love you because of who I am as an individual. And by loving you through my individuality and by sharing who I am, I then produce the experience of love in you, and love awakens in you. And you give love back to me by honoring who I am as an individual and sharing yourself with me as an individual. So the combination of those three types of love then produces the wholeness of love in your being. But most people remain frozen in one or more of those stages of love and never get to the point of integrating all three of them.

In Western civilization, most of you live in a state of infantile love. Look around you and see a bunch of children who have their arms and mouths open saying, "Give me love, fulfill me." It's all about me. It's all narcissistic. The world is centered on me. I don't produce love. I don't give love unless I'm first satisfied, unless you first love me, unless you validate me, unless you respond to me, so I feel safe enough to then love you in return. So my love is determined by the unconditional love that I receive from my caretakers. And now my projection of mom gets projected onto the world, and I want the world to take care of me, my government to take care of me, my economic situation to take care of me. I want all the amusements to take care of me. I want my job to take care of me. And I'm not willing to exercise my individuality in that. As a matter of fact, in order to remain a child, I must give up my individuality. I must fit into the herd consciousness. I must remain as a child.

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