Thursday, December 3, 2015

ACTIVATE YOUR SOUL PLAN! Your Higher Self Already Knows

From Archangels Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, and Uriel

Dear Beloved Human Beings,

· Truth is constant and cannot be destroyed. Thus, untruth does not really exist; it is an illusion of 3-D reality.

· Your higher self is your highest, purest connection to Creation. This connection reveals/dissolves all untruths.

· The thing that prevents Creator Connection is your unhealed me, preventing the “we.” “We” aligns your perception with truth as the Creator; this strengthens and restores the emotional, mental, and physical bodies.

· Creator Connection is made possible because you are love and lovable; your love clears and cleanses all things that are not love, allowing the raising of your frequency and consciousness. Then you can embrace your waiting divine perfected higher self.

· All of the above creates an attitude of gratitude, which is often hidden but never lost. This gratitude supports further direct Creator Communication.

· Gratitude also facilitates healing through the increased vibrations that heal the 3-D bodies through direct energetic/spirit connection.

· Gratitude praises Creation through you while bypassing physical symptoms by connecting with the energetic cause and effect, which shifts your consciousness.

· Being connected to your Creator (you) creates the gift of forgiveness, and being forgiven. This creates an interlocking network of events that travels throughout your planet, solar system, galaxy, and universe.

· You learn the reason you create dis-ease and so-called death through your Creator Connection; it’s all a learning process.

· Creation Connection through your higher self allows you to see the unseen.

· The Laws of Eternity are revealed through Creator Connection, not 3-D time and distance.

· A mighty awareness of Creator Connection is the wisdom that you are all in service to self, one another, your world, and the universe.

· Creator Connection transcends the seen world, allowing the healing of it.

· The balance and importance of giving and receiving are revealed through Creator Connection. Through balance you are strengthening the giver while also supplying strength to the receiver.

· The purpose of time is to allow you to connect with your higher self, the Creator; time will stop when you no longer need to learn from it.

· Eternal truth is revealed to you through Creator Connection, rather than through your often-untruthful mind that believes.

· Creator Connection undoes the past, present, and the future in order to release the now.

· The energetic/spiritual is created through Creator Connection; your thoughts create the physical.

· Meditation and prayer are the means to the Creator Communication; love is received and expressed.

· Creator Communication is an exchange of all love expression, which brings more love to the giver and receiver.

· Creator Communication is your divine right and destiny; it is your natural state of being.

· Creator Communication means you are the Creator expressing itself in all ways all the time.

· You are being taught through Creator Communications that the Creator is all that matters; matter only matters in matter.

Now, dear ones, remember that your higher self already knows all this. Are you ready to apply it and free yourselves from yourselves, and join us in oneness?

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