Saturday, December 26, 2015

HOW THE EARTH WAS CREATED Given by The Keepers of Creation

Co-founder of the Angel News Network

Dear Beloved Earthlings,

Within your ascension process of moving into a higher frequency of existence it is time to better understand creation and your relationship within it. Understanding the creation of your home planet is a good place to begin. Within this and all matters we urge you to employ your gift of resonance and discernment in determining your truth through your freedom of choice and will.

Through your limited language and your present ability to understand (which is expanding), allow we of The Keepers of Creation to explain in a simplified/fundamental dialogue the creation of your planet. Through this explanation you can better understand who we are and how we are configured. This will also allow you to better understand yourselves in relation to creation since you are creating your present lives.

You are within the process of transcending your human minds, learning to think with your knowing hearts. It is the ignorant ego housed within the human mind that has believed you are the only life in creation. The vast diversity of life on your planet is a reflection of life elsewhere.

Your intelligent scientist and thinkers have attempted to explain the creation of the universe and your planet through their myopic view of reality trapped within their human minds. The major aspect that is missing in their thinking is a lack of applied knowledge understanding energy and the unseen forces in creation that are constantly at work. If they cannot see and prove something within their limited capacity they do not believe or know it as truth.

Many of you are waking up and realizing that unseen higher realm forces have been maintaining and sustaining your world and past advanced civilizations for ages. It is your reconnection to these forces that are at play at your time of ascension now. It is your destiny to create a permanent connection to these unseen higher forces so that they may become seen. Through our reconnection you will advance as a human species, along with the ascension of your planet. You have never been alone and you never will be. This divine dialogue will further allow you to understand all the forces that have been with you since the beginning of your world, and before.

Planet Earth is an eternal divine experiment in learning how to love (love being the building block of ALL There Is) through various factions of density and light. Many forces of creation, within the universe, came together to create your world. No one God did it all in one divine moment or big bang but it was what you might call a “gang bang”.

All these forces are still with you watching and waiting for you to wake, remember and be able to accept the truth of who you are and why you are here.

When you humans came to this Earth (agreeing to a human contract) from various galaxies and planets throughout creation to be an aspect of this "Lover-versity" of Earth, through being human, you needed and had the ability to directly communicate with the forces that created this world and yourselves. These higher realms knew their essential need to maintain and sustain direct continued communication with you. These higher realm’s love and support was necessary for your integration into your new home. Through the ascension process you are experiencing now, it is your divine birthright to permanently reconnect with us. We assisted you in the creation of all your past golden ages (Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, Greek, Aztec, Mayan, Hopi, etc.). Now we are assisting you in the creation of your final seventh golden age leading to your self-mastery into world service and beyond…

Earth, humanity and creation have always been aspects of the same thing: All There Is. Let us further discuss the concept of creative energies (which has largely been lost to you) which we shall call All There Is, for lack of another term in human language. Let’s unravel how creative energies create realizing much of it you still will not yet comprehend or are not ready to receive within your evolution. But it is your destiny to know and understand it all eventually. Right now please accept with compassion  what you can know and surrender to what you cannot know.

Within creation there is an infinite, endless void filled with energy and consciousness that contains multiverses, universes, galaxies, planets, stars/suns, and space debris.  Within these are billions of structures and forms. Within creation there is everything needed to create all that chooses to live within it. There are multiple forms of life and circumstance’s some similar to you and many vastly different. You are beginning to learn more about these even on your own planet. Some life forms breathe what would kill you and take body forms completely alien to your emotions and thoughts. 

Creation is all about celebrating the diversity of creation; something you are attempting to master on your planet. When you better master this you will be ready for further life forms beyond your current experience and world. It is human folly to ask is there life elsewhere. We, The Keepers of Creation, interface/interact with all these elements through various universal and galactic councils.

The alchemistry of creation is constant and never ending, which is a key component of All There Is with no beginning nor no ending. Your eternal human incarnational cycles also reflect this. When you reach immorality you will better understand this.  Creation creates within the eternal now moment. You are an essential aspect of creation experiencing itself and can communicate with creation by releasing yourself from yourself by moving into silence/meditation and freeing yourself from your mental body that basically has you trapped within the dimension/frequency of which you presently reside.

Your “believing” mental bodies have a purpose in grounding you within your reality, but the time has come to allow the mind to move  into service to the “knowing” heart which is connected to all creation.

Creation energy lives within everything that has ever been created, especially your human bodies. Learning to master the flow of energy within your bodies is the missing link in learning how to heal disease created through the imbalance of energy flow, allowing you to transmute into an immoral state of being. 

Conquering physical death is the remaining hurdle of humanity.

You are the creator creating since you and creation are bound in oneness with All There Is. Through your smaller human attention and intention you create. By freeing yourself from yourself and moving beyond your human mind you can employ the self-empowerment of creation by creating the life you say you want. You have always had this power. You have just been taught otherwise. This ability actually reflects how creation created your planet.

As we discussed earlier, what has been missing in the true creation story of your world is the existence of a conscious directed energy employed by multiple, often unseen forces

Your world was not created by some accelerated random accident. It was carefully planned with a purpose that would support all of creation, the love force. Let us review some Creative Codes that will further support the true creation of your planet.

The basis of all creation is a conscious energy called All There Is that contains all applied knowledge into wisdom. This wisdom exists within everything all the time. You are learning to access it. Where is the applied knowledge moving into wisdom in your world today? Your world is acting insanely due to a lack of wisdom.

Some of you can actually remember that when this planet was being created All There Is called upon various “creator consultants” throughout the multiverse with multi talents and skills to build this complex world.  Imagine for a moment all the variables that went into this magnificent process of creation preparing the planet itself for all life forms! Here’s the good news: these forces are still loving and supporting you right now. Many of you are directly connecting with these higher realm beings and bringing their teachings and tools to Earth to assist within your evolutionary ascension process.

There have been many throughout your history who have attempted to control you by not telling you the truth. The truth will set you free. Since your planet and human species are all aspects of All There Is, you did not evolve as some teach. There is no evolution process within the true story of creation. It is time to wake up if you so choose. You are divine spiritual beings having a human experience. You did not evolve from anything less than yourself. You all originally came here from various worlds as a conscious choice and have had many lifetimes on this planet to experience what you chose to experience the way you needed to experience it to learn what you needed to learn (how to love) the way you needed to learn it.

You are in the personal process of mastering self (as a reflection of All There Is), to free yourself from self to move into world service 
and into the realms from whence you came.

Human language was one of the last things to develop on this planet since originally you all directly connected with the forces of creation through your emotions and thoughts (telepathically). 

Humanity is in the process of recapturing your telepathic abilities with the higher realms. Many of you already do this. The word within language is one of the most powerful tools you have at present. When language was first created, when you said a word the word manifested itself.  Now through an emotion you create a thought, which creates an action. Your word is your most powerful form of creation until you remember how to transcend it. When you become telepathic again there will be no further mistruths in your world since you will know what each other are feeling and thinking. Right now your world is largely ruled by mistruths.

Please continue to factor the above Creative Codes truths into our continued message.

As we discussed earlier, the entire creation process of this planet and human placement was a very complex process indeed (more than the human mind can conceive). It is a vast creative science unto itself that humanity cannot fully comprehend nor does your language allow a full understanding but in spite of these variables let us continue. An essential aspect of the “Creator Consultants” was that they gifted humanity with the ability to create what you need to maintain and sustain yourself (the creator creating). This is why knowing and understanding your talents and gifts was so crucial in the beginning of your existence here and especially now.

In many ways humanity is still in the process of understanding the creative process and healing anything that is preventing it. Knowing how powerful you are is an important step in your awakening process now. You have been taught to fear your creative power; you have been taught you are not good or worthy enough. 

This false teaching is now ending. Below is a poem that our current channel received on HOW TO CREATE:


No form can come into creation,
Without a thought as a picture.
For every thought contains an idea
That is the criteria of expression.

Let us look at the process
That brings access
To creation...

What is it you wish to create?
Is it worthy of your time and energy?
What is your reason to bring this into existence?
Is it to satisfy an addiction or comfort zone?
Or get you arrested on the way home?
Make sure what you wish to create
Has no motive or need to do harm to another,
But has an intention of a loving brother.

Write down your plan in your own words,
As clearly and consciously as you can,
Then you have a starting plan...

Know you have the ability to create,
See it like a picture on a plate,
The seeing and the power to create
Are the gifts of God-state within?

Seeing and feeling within yourself
Allows you to lift creation off the shelf.

The heart already knows,
But keep reminding the mind
Creation is the ability
To see the God within all the time.
For God is the doer, the doing, and the deed,
And you through Him can create, and proceed with,
Whatever you need.

Read your written plan again and again
At the beginning and end of each day.
This way your creation is downloaded in your heart
That is the best part and start.
Keep your intention to yourself,
Hold its power inside you,
So only you know its view.

When you are ready,
Steady yourself and allow
You inner vision to come through,
Consciously connecting to the Law of Making
And the God-within you to come fully come through...

Cast out all doubts and fear
And know in your heart
Your creation is near.
Have no set moment for results,
Just know you and God are issuing
The picturing of results,
With no wishing.

Allow yourself to be surprised and delighted,
And filled with gratitude
When your multitude, comes forth.

We The Keepers of Creation working in concert with The Halls of Wisdom, the Askashic Records (containing all the wisdom’s of All There Is) ask you to focus on the sacred steps that were necessary to create, and maintain and sustain the magnificent world you live now. Ponder the many love forces and the attention and intention necessary to create this Lover-versity of learning how to love. 

You are all waiting to graduate by knowing your world and you were created from and by love, that you are loved, that you are lovable, that you are love.

With all the variables necessary to create the planet and prepare it for the multitude of life forms, you can begin to realize it would take more than any one creator, knowing that all the many creator consultants are an aspect of oneness with All There Is. 

Remember, all these many creator consultants from various worlds continue to support and love your world. What affects one in creation affects all. All of your emotions, thoughts and actions are stored within your atmosphere, creating your weather and effecting ‘natural’ events and are finally stored within The Halls of Wisdom, the Askashic Records, to be transmuted into wisdom.

Your mental bodies are now asking exactly who were and are some of these creative consultants of which we are speaking? Let us access the Askashic Records and review a few not to overload you with details. Our intention is to give you a general overview, knowing you who need more information can learn to access itself since you are all in the process of becoming multi-dimensional beings. Allow your curiosity in being human to expand your creator-view…

Beings called Creator Commanders from the farthest outreaches and influences of your galaxy and beyond, after the Form Creators finalized the physical planet for live forms, begin to focus their attention and intention (key factors within manifestation) to assemble the geographic locations for future human, plant, and animal life.

This was achieved through the creation of vortices/portals (energy networks), which are necessary for connecting all life forms in order for the planet to operate in balance. All creation operates within balance. You continue to learn how to balance masculine and feminine energies, giving and receiving, right and wrong, good and bad, etc. As has been mentioned earlier within this dialogue, the missing wisdom within understanding and mastering permanent healing is the flow of energy within your bodies and how your emotions and thoughts affect that flow. This flow and balance of energy is what maintains and sustains life on your planet and within your physical bodies. Many of you have been led to create sacred journeys around the planet where the placement of these energy networks originate, what you call sacred sites. Follow your resonance as you continue to be drawn to these sites; there is much wisdom and creation wisdom to be learned there.

Several of your Earth years ago, the channel we are coming through at present and his brethren of The Angel News Network were chosen to be proxies for humanity to assist in further connecting all the worldwide vortices by integrating the above and below forces of the planet at the site of Mount Shasta. This, along with many other such sacred journeys will expedite the ascension process of the planet and all life within and upon the body of the planet. Remember, you are within your final 2,000 Earth year cycle, creating your final golden age, to manifest your destiny to become the masters of self, serving All There Is.

Many of you are familiar with the term “Elohim.” These high frequency/vibrational creators have been called the ‘builders of form,’ representing the energy and consciousness creating worlds such as multiverses, universes, galaxies, solar systems and planets sustaining all creation. Elohim have dominion over the Elementals: gnomes (Earth), Salamanders (Fire), Sylphs (Air), Undines (Water). These elementals are currently still an essential aspect of the natural world of your planet and humanity. Many of  you are able to connect and learn from them although they and their nature neighbors fairies, and nature spirits largely remain invisible. 

The Elohim’s priority was to make sure all the elements were in order and ready to be installed by their ‘staff’.   High frequency Creation Constructors manipulated energy for the actual installations.

Last but certainly not least we would like to briefly discuss the equally magnificent angelic realms; angels and archangels. This channel and his brethren of The Angel News Network have made it a priority to directly bring the teachings and tools of this higher realm to humanity by choosing and being chosen to channel these higher realms of consciousness. If it resonates access these many wisdoms.

The angelic realms are higher realm messengers here to support, protect and love humanity, and your living conscious planet. There are three orders of angels; (1) seraphim, cherubim, thrones (creations faithful angels); (2) dominions, virtues, powers (ministering angels); (3) angels and archangels (assisting humanity). Archangels are the highest rank in the order of angels. Each of the various archangels has a mission and “responsibility” to humanity. The angelic realms are here to remind you that you are never alone, call upon these beings of creation whenever you need them…

We, The Keepers of Creation, interface with every aspect of every being mentioned within the message. It is our intention that you now better understand (without overloading you with many more details) the many marvelous beings who contributed and created your beautiful planet Earth.

We now close in asking you to better honor and value your sacred home. So many beings came together to gift this planet to you. Begin to remember and connect with your original intention in coming here: to learn to love self, others, your world and beyond…

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