Sunday, December 27, 2015


From the Council of Archangelic Realms (CAR)
Received by Phillip Elton Collins  
Co-founder of the Angel News Network

Dear Beloved Humans Being Human,

For those of you not familiar with the Council of Archangel Realms (CAR), we are the overseers of the archangelic forces who love and support your mission in choosing to be human.

In many of your higher realms teachings from various frequencies, you have heard that you are multi-dimensional beings or are becoming multi-dimensional beings. Many do not completely understand what this means. Allow this to be a brief explanation and expansion of this truth.

Currently, you are experiencing the third dimension (3D) through your emotions, thoughts and dense physical bodies. When you sleep or experience physical death you transition into the fourth dimension (4D), the astral or psychic realm that is a disembodied reflection of your 3D world with no time or space. When you awake from sleep you return to the 3D. During physical death you may stay within the 4D for a period of time. That is necessary to review your past life and prepare yourself for another incarnational cycle to complete lessons from the past life.

When you are ready you can temporarily advance to the fifth dimension (5D) to make decisions with your spiritual guides and personal angels as to what you will choose for your next learning adventure in physical form. Any dimension above 3D is considered a higher realm, since it vibrates at a higher frequency than 3D; the higher the dimension number, the higher the frequency.

All of the above involves being multi-dimensional. Many of you have the ability to experience 3D, 4D and 5D at the same time in a conscious or unconscious state. But there are other aspects to being multi-dimensional which some of you (not all) are also experiencing.

What is about to be said will seem unbelievable for some but will be a known truth for others. This new truth for some begins to explain how extraordinary you truly are as an aspect of Creation (God experiencing itself).

The channel that we are coming through at present and many others around the planet are experiencing “parallel lives” concurrently in multiple locations within higher realm dimensions. What exactly does this mean? What are some examples you might ask? 

The first principle is to know that other dimensions exist. The fact that this is not common knowledge applied into wisdom is a core issue for humanity at this time. It is your destiny to know and experience being multi-dimensional as truth. This will be a game changer in your world.

To know there are other dimensions that you experience will shift your religions, governments, corporations, erroneous belief systems and any other elements attempting to control you.  It will eliminate the few controlling the many.

In addition to the angelic realms there are many members of the cosmos who are loving and supporting the soul plan of your planet (to learn to love and apply that throughout creation) and all those within and upon your planet’s body. Within the Universal Law of Cause and Effect, what affects one, affects all; thus, some of you have chosen to experience and be in service to multiple lives at the same time.

There are many Extrastellar Beings, EB’s (your brothers and sisters) who wish and intend peace and love for your planet.  Some of these advanced beings come from other galaxies and planets and are waiting for the mass of humanity to be able to accept and work with them for the benefit of all. Some of you are sustaining and maintaining conscious and unconscious parallel lives within these higher dimensions.

Many fear contact with Extrastellar Beings, EB civilizations, believing they are here to harm or control humanity. While this has taken place within your past history, we wish to explain at this time that no harm can come to humanity from outside your planet (you have plenty intending harm who are currently upon your planet that needs healing). We of the Council of Archangel Realms, Inner Earth Civilizations, The Galactic Federation and Mother Gaia Earth herself have created and monitor an electronic magnetic force field around the planet that prevents any outside harm.

We are here to safeguard the divine destiny of this planet since its evolution affects the evolution of All There Is. Many universal forces and beings came together to create your world, and you or others will not destroy it. Even if humanity were to destroy itself through your freedom of will and choice, your more conscious planet would evolve into the Being of Light from whence she came.  It is your destiny to be and do the same. What do you choose?

There are those of you (such as this channel) who are also having parallel lives with the various advanced Inner Earth Civilizations who once dwelled upon the surface of this planet. Some of you regularly travel in your light bodies to the Inner Earth for healing and rest from the chaos of your3D world.

There can be various conscious or unconscious components of you living at the same time in various dimensions all the time. Most of you do not have memory of these events since they can prevent the experience of the now where you are at present. Each one of your parallel lives (since many of you can have many) are energetically connected to your "Oversoul" (your spiritual entity that has progressed beyond the physical understanding of enlightenment).  This allows you to live your various lives in different locations.

The eternally conscious Oversoul keeps up with the various simultaneous lives but does not allow any interference in the various life experiences (soul plans). Since this can be somewhat complicated for your present human mind to wrap itself around this, let us state it this way:

If it is your destiny, your Oversoul is facilitating several different lives that occupy different places at the same time. To further clarify; these are not past lives but present parallel ones!

As more of you wake up through the Ascension process of your planet and humanity, you are destined to become more aware of your parallel lives. As we said earlier this be will an effective game changer for your world. For you and your world to know and apply your expanded knowledge and experiences into your (3D) existence will create the reality of We Consciousness and Oneness: this is a Mighty Mission, indeed!

Now you are beginning to remember and know all the aspects of your choice to choose to come to this planet and be human. It is so such more than you ever imagined or is it? Since you are Creation experiencing itself, we ask you how could it be otherwise?

One of your lives is currently living in a 3D, dualistic, separated, often confronting world, but this is just one of the ways you have chosen to learn “what is” through “what is not”.

Can you take non-judging responsibility for the choices you have made to learn here what you need to learn the way you need to learn it?

Through your destined process of permanently moving into a higher frequency of existence, the old way of learning is coming to an end. What you are presently experiencing in your world is a major clearing and cleansing of the old.

Many of your other-worldly experiences are bringing in the teachings and tools necessary to move on.

This new truth for many gives new meaning to the phrase, “You are never alone.”

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