Thursday, December 31, 2015

YOUR STAR, YOUR SUN, YOUR DESTINY by Phillip Elton Collins


Given by The Keepers of Creation

Received by Phillip Elton Collins, 

Co-founder of the Angel News Network

Dear Human Star Seeds,

Many Creator Consultants such as We The Keepers of Creation came together to create your planet Earth. In the past we gifted you with a teaching on HOW THE EARTH WAS CREATED. You may refer to that, if it resonates for you. What is not in that previous message is that your planet was created by twelve star systems (twelve suns) coming together to give the best of themselves in the creation of your home planet. So, in effect, you are all Star Beings from various worlds. Each of you has a primary star system from which you originated. You can learn what system you originally came from and learn more about the mission of that star system, if you wish. You have named many of your constellations from these stellar homes.

When you look up into your night sky and see so many stars/suns we wish for you to know that they, too, went through an ascension process very much like the one you are going through now. They began as a planet and transmuted back into a body of light from whence they came. This is the process you and your planet are evolving into at this unique time of ascension (moving to a higher frequency, consciousness of existence). This is the divine destiny of all worlds. You are within the process of transitioning from a carbon-based reality to one of light. Love and light are the building blocks of all creation and you are in an ascension of becoming love and light (again). Then through your freedom of will and choice you can decide what happens next, since creation is a never ending, expanding growth.

In order to maintain and sustain life upon and within your new light world, you also will be of a light vibration the same as your home planet or you will not be here. Those who choose not to transmute into light during this final 2,000 cycle of your planet will be given the opportunity to do so within another galaxy and planet. Do not worry. There is no rush. You will all arrive at the same divine light destination; it’s just a matter of how and when for each of you. But we shall ask you, what are you choosing at this time?

The above information may or may not be new to you. For those for whom this is an introduction, please know further information can be made available to you by simply asking. You are all within the process of becoming multi-dimensional, so you can have direct access to all dimensions and any process or information needed. Dear Star Beings, any and all wisdom about your creation is available to you. The forces that created you and your world are forces of love and never intend anything but love for you! As you approach a new year within your Earth cycle of ascension, please know you came from love, are loved and are lovable.

It is an unhealed relationship with self, based upon fear, doubt and ignorance that has prevented your advancement and can continue to do so now. Many higher realms are coming together at this unique time to garner the tools and teachings necessary to help you achieve your ascension success. We are teaching you how to access and “think” with your all-knowing hearts, allowing your minds to move back into service to your hearts. Everything you needed to know is stored within the DNA of your hearts and has been passed on from lifetime to lifetime. It’s all about healing any aspects of self that prevents you from surrendering and trusting your ability to be and do this. For many it is your sabotaging mental body through the allowed manipulations of others that has set back your ascension process many times in the past. This will not be allowed much longer this time around since you are within the final 2000 cycle of ascension for this particular planet.

Please know none of these teachings came from the human mind. These teachings come from higher realms that know the human mind only too well and have transcended it. The human mind has been of great service to your evolution, but it is time to gain a higher perspective within your process. You will continue to be within a personal process as long as you reside within your current dimension.

Let us briefly discuss your sun, your star, since this is your destiny to live upon or within   one.

Actually you know very little knowledge or truth about your sun. Most of your “knowledge” about your sun reflects your relationship with self, often based on fear, doubt and ignorance. So let us see if we can shed some light on your sun.

If common sense is applied, there is nothing about your sun that can harm you. Sun storms and flares will not affect your health or communications systems. Why would Creation who created you from love harm your life in any way? The sun, also the one that is being created as your new home, is a conscious sentient being and has no intention to harm you. Suns are created to support life, not harm or destroy it. Destructive behavior is the folly of humanity not the forces of creation. Your unnecessary or made up fears do not serve your highest good. Since humanity cannot change activities of the sun and your continuous monitoring of the sun’s ever active solar activity has brought forth little understanding, perhaps it is time to surrender and know that all sun life is life affirming.

As you know without suns there can be no life. That includes your planet. Since the sun is a powerful planetary body, it is very active. 

Much of its activity (solar winds, flares, storms) within its own magnetic field, are the ways the sun expressed love from whence it came. These natural solar activities change like your seasons, Your scientists really do not understand the true reasons for the changes, so they often negatively project what they “think” they are and how they may affect the Earth (which is often incorrect). When you transcend into your light body living on a star, all the wisdom you need will be given to you.

As mentioned earlier many mighty forces came together to create your planet and your sun around which you revolve. These forces, through conscious cosmic science, had and have a soul plan for the interactions amongst Earth and the Sun. This cosmic soul plan insures that the sun and Earth will work in positive concert throughout the life of this galaxy; there are no mistakes, no miscalculations. It is time, if you so choose, to know and accept that your planet, your sun, solar system and galaxy are not destined to destroy themselves. They have a sacred destiny in service to All There Is. You are approaching this mission yourselves by mastering self, leading to your world service.

Soon you will be ready to know that the sun’s activities maintain and sustain within itself the conscious creation forces of Creation. This is a process of the balance of giving and receiving. As with your planet Earth, the sun holds within its core a planetary creative being that oversees all that occurs within its physical and spiritual reality. There are many ancient names for this creator being, and they all represent creation, not destruction. As with all of creation, it loves what it creates since it is created from love.

All those sun activities, be they storms, winds or flares are a full expression of the love force that created the sun and your planet through love.  These sun activities support and love any and all life with its influence.  All sacred solar action is an essential aspect of its natural growth and expansion, never to be feared or misunderstood by others whose intention may be to control you with misinformation. Fear is the absence of love, and when you enter fear you are not able to integrate the positive love energy benefits of solar or any other activities.

We The Keepers of Creation who were and are so involved with the Creation of all Suns (including the one that will be your home) ask that you now embrace the healing light of your sun as an essential aspect of life on planet Earth. Place your hands upon your heart and take a deep breath and embrace your sun’s warmth as you now know you are One with All There Is. If it resonates, as you did in ancient times, greet the sun each morning as it rises and in the evening when it sets. Shut off your mental body as you meditate and hear and see what messages your sun has for you. This type of environment will be your home some day. That is why we have brought some new truths to you about the sun at this time. 

For now, as a conscious, living sentient being, your sun has the potential to be all the energy you need on your planet without the control of others or burdensome expense. As humans becoming multi-dimensional beings you have the ability to connect with all other sentient conscious higher realm beings to gain whatever truth and wisdom you need to evolve into your divine destiny of eternal beings of light in service to All There Is. Ask and ye shall receive in a balance of giving and receiving. How many of you never ask by not seeing yourself good or worthy enough to know?

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