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We are all designed and destined to be channels of the higher realms, communicating with frequencies and consciousness beyond the human mind and bringing that wisdom into humanity. In fact, it has never not been that way. All of our past golden ages be they Lemurian, Atlantean, Egyptian, Greek, Aztec, Mayan or otherwise were all supported and created by higher realms support beyond the human experience. Entertain the thought that the human mind is a receiver of this higher wisdom. We have never been alone. In the past this was common knowledge. It is time for this to be common again.

Many people have ask me how can I become a channel of the higher realms having experienced my classes where an individual can talk to these higher realms themselves or having read one of my several books filled with teachings and tools from various high frequency sources (archangelic, ascended masters, galactic forces, Inner Earth Civilizations, nature spirits, etc.).  My books that have been sent to me from higher realms are in a variety of formats from true adventure stories, to sacred poetry to phrases of presence, teachings and tools that cover where we came from and why we are here, personal process exercises to assist in healing our wounds and ego defenses, even a divine dictionary of metaphysical terms (all these are channeled and not from my mind). At this point there are hundreds of topics I have received that expand the truth and wisdom of being human. My often response to how to become a channel is, how can you not channel, since being a channel is nothing special, an essential aspect of being human. If anyone tells you otherwise run the other way! There can be no worshipping the guru in higher realm channeling and most important you need to use your own resonance and discernment with any information that comes through anyone. If it does not feel or sound right to you do not apply it. If it does, go for it.

Realizing there is wisdom more expansive and wiser than the human mind or experience is a challenge for many. Often times our educated intelligence gets in the way. But someday soon it will return to being not a big deal and common occurrences (it already is for many of us). In the meantime I shall share some of my experiences being a channel and see if it helps you in any way to be and do the same. For those of you already channeling, please allow this to be a further affirmation of the great gift you are bringing to our world in assisting our advancement as a human species.

In my being a higher realm channel, I never attempt to convince or prove to others this is real. That would be trying to control them.  I have no desire to do that. I simply say, if the message resonates, apply it, if it does not, throw it out the proverbial window.

For me being a channel is a joyful experience of choosing and being chosen to connect with various frequencies (an aspect of my soul plan) and being able to bring their truth and teaching into our world.

One of the fun ways of doing this at present is my colleague Joel Anastasi and I have a radio show each week where I go into trance and Joel interviews these realms about current events from a higher realm perspective. This always fascinates me how these realms take the drama out of things and reveal the true cause and effect of events in our live and world.

There are basically two types of fifth dimensional channels; trance and conscious. Trance channels are completely taken over by the frequency and do not know what is happening. Conscious channels are partially awake and have some idea of what is doing on; I am a conscious channel. Channels of fifth dimensional frequencies are not psychic nor astral mediums. We do not predict the future or tell you what to do; this is fourth dimensional (psychic/astral) mediumship. The fourth dimension, without time or distance, is a disembodied reflection of the third dimension where we reside now. The fifth dimensional frequencies of which I connect (archangelic, ascended mastership, galactic, Inner Earth and nature spirits) present universal and cosmic wisdom that will allow the individual to choose for themselves which path to take through their freedom of choice and will: Maintaining and sustaining a process of inside out, not outside in. Fifth dimensional frequencies are two levels higher than three-dimensional, the human experience and one level higher than the psychic/astral fourth dimension. Higher does not mean better it simply means it is higher in vibration and access to universal wisdoms

There are aspects of humanity that are more and more beginning to accept the contribution of wisdom that comes through fifth dimensional channeling. Let me give another personal example, and see if it supports your desire to channel. There is a well-known cultural museum, owned by a large private university, who had a marvelous pre-Inca exhibition. This civilization had no written language and the scientist, and educators could not figure out how they had developed such an advanced culture with so many surviving fascinating artifacts. I suggested to one of the directors at the museum, who also taught postgraduate programs at the university, let us recreate the ancient temple and allow me to go into trance and connect with the remaining consciousness of that civilization and allow them to explain who they were and how they achieved what they did.

Once in trance, within the recreation of an ancient temple complex, complete with music from ancient instruments, I connected with a priest from this past advanced culture who explained they were telepathic, thus the reason for no written language, and that they were connected to higher realms who taught them the needed technology to achieve what they did. The channeling lasted over an hour answering many questions and concerns of this past world and then we opened to question and answers to the scientific and educational audience. What people would accept was up to them.

I was in service to being the messenger of this wisdom and it mattered not to me who believed what was presented. For many in the audience this was a completely new precedent to learn beyond the human mind within a museum owned by a university.

Another way I am in service to being a messenger of these higher realm frequencies is that my Angel News Network colleagues, trance channel Jeff Fasano and spiritual journalist, Joel Anastasi, and I also on a weekly basis present (live and teleconference) a DIVINE DISCUSSIONS gathering at The Center for Spiritual Living, Ft. Lauderdale where either Jeff or I go into trance, present a teaching or messages from the higher realms and then most importantly open the endeavor up to the audience’s questions and higher realm answers. This allows others direct access to these frequencies and addresses many of the core issues within their personal lives or the world at large. These higher realms have a way of “reading” your light body and addressing what is needed in your life to achieve the life you say you want.

Let us now go into some of the mechanics of exactly how I became a channel and see if further assists you in becoming a channel. (Realizing each one of us has a unique path to the activation of our soul plans, our purpose in being here). My colleague Jeff preceded me in channeling by a couple of years. One day we were trading healing sessions (as trained Reiki and Light Ascension Therapist), and Jeff connected with the Archangel Uriel who said they had been attempting to gain my attention for some time to be a channel for their band of consciousness. I barely knew who Uriel was. Archangel Uriel gave me fifty days to decide if this resonated for me to be channel for them; to mark my calendar with various exercises and to reach a decision at the end of the fifty days.  The moment they ask I knew the answer was yes. Meanwhile I did my research on Archangel Uriel and realized we had a lot in common. Many of these early Uriel channelings are in one of my books entitled MAN POWER GOD POWER. I read them often and continue to be thrilled at the wisdom given to us.  I am careful not to make these messages about me since I know they did not come from me but through me in service from whence they came.

My Angel News Network colleagues and I had also have been asked by higher realms to be proxies for humanity on two sacred journeys to the powerful vortex/portal of Mt. Shasta, to perform higher realm instructed rituals to assist our species within its ascension process of moving into a higher frequency of existence. Pretty heady stuff but we brought plenty of our Earthly wounds and defenses with us. Another of my books COMING HOME TO LEMURIA, AN ASCENSION ADVENTURE STORY, recaps a full diary of these events. When you read and perform the rituals in the book you also become proxies for humanity. This book has been adapted into a stage play (and later screen play) so that the wisdoms within this book can be brought further out into humanity through another form of human entertainment.

Let’s go even into more detail as to exactly how I channel
, and see if it supports you in channeling. I was blessed to have direct contact by Archangel Uriel within my initial channeling process but this may not be your experience. Since each of us is unique you will discover your path, which needs to be nothing like mine.

While some people just start channeling with no seeming preparation, there are some general variables that I think help. One word of caution: no one needs to “certify” you or give your permission or teach you how to channel. If you are to channel higher realms it is a component of your soul plan and no one but you can take that away from you. Here are some circumstances that help me and others I know who channel:

1. I make sure I am feeling well and not under the influence of any distractions.

2. I make sure that the physical surroundings are cleared and peaceful and not open to any interruptions.

I take a few deep breaths and quiet my mental and emotional bodies as much as possible. My mantra is; “This is not about me, I release myself from myself and let go to receive the highest good from the higher realms.” I pause and wait for the frequency to identify themselves (they speak in plural). If they are not willing to identify themselves and explain their purpose in connecting I do not go forward.

3. I repeat who the higher realm is to verify what I am receiving is correct.

4. In order to receive this higher frequency since I am vibrating at a lower/dense frequency I have to prepare (entrain) my body to receive a higher vibration. I do this by continuing to breathe deeply. The higher frequency also has to lower their vibration so I can accept them without any harm. So we are “meeting” at a midway energy point that works for both us. The higher realms know we channels cannot receive the full impact of their higher frequency without harm.

For me I can channel by hearing the message and writing it down (my books were written that way) or the higher realms can use my voice and body and speak through me. You will find your own path with this. Some of you may see the higher realm through a symbol or vision.

6. When the session is over. I usually ask others to leave me alone and allow themselves and me to integrate what has come through. I do not need praise or comments after I channel since what has come through is not about me. I have simply been in service to that frequency. Many channels do not realize that they channel what they need within their soul plan; this is the divine balance of giving and receiving in being a channel.

7. Most of my frequencies usually open with a basic message or teaching and I am blessed that the majority of frequencies I channel open to question and answer for more in-depth integration. Not all higher realm frequencies and channels open to Q&A.

8. If someone has received a personal message by asking, Do you have a message for me,” I often suggest that they listen to the audio later and to transcribe it to allow better integration.

To be the clearest channel you can be, I would also suggest that you be in a personal process of clearing any of your wounds and ego defenses. There are many gifted therapist out there, again use your resonance and discernment in finding them, Before I began channeling I had been in a metaphysical therapeutic personal process for several years.

I was blessed that I was trained in Reiki and Light Ascension by a very gifted higher realm trance channel. So channeling was not foreign to me and I had experienced many channelings sessions before I began channeling.

No matter how or when it happens for you to channel, please know it is your divine birthright to be and do so. Humanity is transcending into being multi-dimensional, and channeling is a key component in that. Humanity cannot transcend/advance without the support and love of these higher realms. We never could and cannot now. So open your hearts and minds to all the possibilities and probabilities that are waiting to come to you and for you to share with the world. We have never been alone.

To learn more about my channeling in its support of you channeling, please visit the web sites below, and also for our continued contact in building communities of equality, harmony and balance…


An Active Angel Agent,

Phillip Elton Collins

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