Friday, January 1, 2016

COMING HOME TO YOUR BEINGNESS: Given By The Beings of Cosmic Consciousness

Co-founder of the Angel News Network

Dear Beloved Human Beings, being human and beyond,

We are the Beings of Cosmic Consciousness and our eternal home is the Askashic Records, The Halls of Wisdom containing all knowledge. Our Earthly home is your higher being, your non-physical sacred soul, the aspect of you that is One with All There Is.

Many of your personal lives and world events are involved within a process of evolution through chaos and upheaval. This is the “old” of your life and world that is screaming to move into the “new”. 

We come to you at this time of great change to remind of an innate state of being, a cosmic awareness that can be your pathway to the new, creating the life you say you want.

The fact that this cosmic/divine aspect of you really exists is an ancient memory for many, and the intention of this reminder is to further awaken you so that you can once again access being cosmically conscious. Remember, you are a divine spiritual being choosing to have this human being experience, so it should be no surprise that this divine part of you actually exists. You are creation experiencing itself, so how could it be otherwise?

Creation has no intention to abandon you in your choice in choosing to be human. For those who choose through your freedom of will and choice to create newness in your life, we welcome you to the pathway to that new life.

So let us begin to discuss you becoming One with The Beings of Cosmic Consciousness, you, in effect, becoming cosmic consciousness. Many of you are not exactly sure what this is, so let us use the limitations of human language and see if can shed some further enlightenment on this.

Let us start with your human emotions, your emoted feelings as a way to describe this higher aspect of you. Have you ever had a dream and feel like you are everywhere at the same time? That you are One with everything when you are standing in a silent forest? In this dream or forest you sense you can now understand the interrelationships of all things and there is a clarity and all-knowing wisdom that wasn’t previously there. When this first happens it may be only for a split second, but in that second you know you are changed forever and intend to spend more time in this state of being as soon as you can. You are promised by this state of being the more times you go there the longer you can stay next time. This place can be accessed in the silence of your meditation and by focusing on your breath.

Through the various Ascension Energies coming into your planet at this time via varies geographic portals/vortices, you will have increased access to this all-knowing higher aspect of yourself with more grace and ease, and more often, if you so choose. This is also what has happened in the past when your inventors, scholars, and great philosophers received needed wisdoms to advance your human species at special times of dispensation. Yes, they “received” through accessing their cosmic consciousness; they did not think things up through their brain. The human brain is a receiver of higher frequency data.

The timing of your various incarnational cycles, along with the Ascension energies, also can affect your ability to access this higher aspect of self (reflecting All There Is). Some of you have needed many life times to achieve the ability of which we speak. During this special time of moving into a higher frequency of existence (ascension) your believing minds are moving back into service to your knowing hearts. This allows you to “think” with your hearts, insuring positive intentions for what you seek with no intention of harm. Any negative or dense energy will prevent access to your higher state of being. There is no exerting any human wounds or ego defenses into this higher all-knowing aspect of self.

Through the ascension process and by increasing your consciousness, you are raising your frequency/vibrational rate. 

Your cosmic consciousness lives in a high frequency of existence and you need to reach it in order to access your higher self. Some will not be able to achieve this higher state without a deep examination of self through a personal process. Such higher realm tools are available to you from many endeavors such as the one in which this channel resides: The Angel News Network. If you are one who needs more personal growth and expansion, know that all the support you need awaits you from higher realms such as archangels, angels, ascended masters, Inner Earth Civilizations, galactic forces and the star systems that seeded your planet. Many of you are choosing to directly connect with these realms and bring their needed wisdoms to humanity.

Through your personal process you will awaken to fully know who you are and why you are here and become able to apply your talents and gifts out into the world. All of this will be achieved through a healed loving relationship self-reflected to others and your world. As you continue this self-work, you will surely be able to access your cosmic consciousness connection through the frequency of “Oneness”. You will be moving from “me” consciousness to “we” consciousness into Oneness.

All of this is actually you activating your divine soul plan, your reason and purpose in being here. This world would be incomplete without each and every one of you, and you are beginning to embrace this truth and trust it through self-love mirrored from inside out. You will begin to know you are here to serve one another and your world by supporting and loving it all. The activation of your soul plan is your spiritual journey, and you will achieve it when it is right for your plan; you are not in control of that which you did not create.

The thing you can be and do along the way is to keep increasing your vibration by your personal work to match the higher consciousness aspect of you that you intend to access.

You have created many “learning tool” experiences along the pathway of this lifetime that have brought you to this moment of now. The world you are living in at present needs all of your assistance to advance within its Earthly soul plan of transmuting into a higher frequency of existence (as you do also). You are all here to master self (as a reflection of All There Is) and move into world service through creating communities of equality, harmony and balance (there is not much of that in your present world). You can become a consultant to change by becoming more conscious of your emotions, and thoughts that are creating actions not supporting the good of all. Connecting with your cosmic consciousness will greatly assist you.

Your cosmic consciousness is housed within the eternal limitlessness of All There Is, Oneness. Here there is neither time nor space and all the wisdom of everything, all the time, exists. The problem is that much of humanity, not even your most gifted intellectuals, often do not see themselves good nor worthy enough to know how to access this arena. The emotions within the emotional body and the thoughts within the human mental body can sabotage self.  It is this you are in the personal process of learning how to heal. But once you connect with your higher self-consciousness, just once, all fear, doubt and ignorance (the monsters of mankind) disappear. You know you have come home to your true divine destiny of beingness.

Once connected to your divine destiny of beingness of, you will know Oneness by experiencing you as one with all things. Previously, the concept of Oneness was something trapped within your mental body. Now it has transcended to your knowing heart, and you begin to think with your heart. As you enter into your selfless oneness, more often any and all boundaries into it will dissolve, and all that had been hidden will be revealed. You will become skilled at applying your attention and intention into manifesting exactly what you say you want (with no intention of harm and for the good of all).

Within the higher state of your beingness is the true you, the conscious/fully awakened you that has no limits and is connected to all cosmic wisdom. You soon realize that being human, being a human being, is a tiny partial of your eternal consciousness that is constantly growing and expanding. You then become true beingness transitioning into divine doingness. You, in effect, become connected to the light from whence you came by being “enlightened”. Creation is a process of becoming enlightened, returning to the light. You came from light, chose density (by lowering your vibration/ frequency) as a way to learn, and now you are returning to light, increasing your frequency/vibration. The circle of creation is complete in order to start over any way you choose.

Your eternal divine soul has no issues with comprehending your cosmic consciousness through Oneness. It is your human self that may forget and need a little nudge every now and then. The truth of your being lives within the DNA of your heart.

When you forget the true you, forgive yourself and think with you heart. Cosmic love chambered within your heart will always show you the way home.

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